We are A Konecranes Product Supplier

South Africa has a large industrial sector when it comes to the importing and exporting of goods, with huge volumes of cargo to handle throughout a regular workweek. Airfreight is an efficient way to transport goods from one country to another, but it is also expensive, so the old-school method of container shipping still proves popular and affordable, creating the sustained need for good container-handling equipment that can recycle and load containers without hassles or safety risks.

Since containers are large and heavy, you need the appropriate machinery to not only handle the loads, but also offer a stable platform to ensure safety and stability while transporting containers, also when those containers are empty and being recycled for later use. Empty containers can be a problem, taking up unnecessary room and having to be removed from the loading bays quickly. Luckily, EIE Group offers solutions for container-handling problems in the shape of Konecranes and their selection of container-handling equipment. As a Konecranes product supplier, EIE Group offers a comprehensive selection of Konecranes machinery, which we will briefly cover, giving you an indication of the capabilities of these machines and how they can make a difference in your daily container handling.


Konecranes Container-Handling Equipment

Konecranes lifting equipment is designed to handle containers effectively and with maximum stability. These machines can handle the pressure and provide the lift needed to keep containers secure and stable while transporting and stacking them. As a result, Konecranes delivers on quality and strength with their container-handling equipment, and we kick off with their reach-stacker model, the SMW 4525 TBE5.

Starting with the basics of container handling and lifting equipment, you need a large base for the vehicle to ensure stability and lifting ability, which is certainly the case with Konecranes’ range. The SMV 4525 sits on a wide wheelbase, allowing for optimal functionality, with a rated loading capacity of 42 t at maximum height, delivering the functionality to easily handle containers and stack them, using an electronically controlled Volvo engine and DANA transmission.

The drive axle features a 4160-mm Kessler differential with hub reduction to feed power to the wheels, while oil-cooled wet disc brakes will bring this large and heavy machine with an overall service weight of almost 65 t to a standstill. With a 650-ℓ fuel tank at its disposal, this machine will keep going when you need it to, delivering a superbly capable piece of container-handling equipment for your fleet. As a Konecranes supplier, we also feature other Konecranes container-handling equipment to choose from, including their selection of container forklifts that are ideal for empty container recycling and transportation purposes.

EIE Group offers a wide variety of lifting equipment solutions for the industrial and commercial sectors in South Africa, and we are also a Konecranes product supplier. We can therefore offer you a comprehensive selection of container-handling equipment to choose from. For more information on these versatile and powerful machines, feel free to peruse our website for specifications, or contact us directly with any enquiries. Choose EIE Group today and your business can also take advantage of our wide selection of industrial and commercial machinery.