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Industrial lift trucks are usually designed for material-handling purposes in warehouses. These trucks have counterbalanced designs to achieve lift and remain stable while lifting. With their focus being on manoeuvrability in narrow corridors and confined spaces, they are ideal for warehouse applications. However, counterbalanced lift trucks are not limited to the indoor environment of warehouses and storage facilities. There is a selection of outdoor lift trucks as well, with Konecranes offering a range of container handlers for docks and shipyards. Toyota Forklift is a proud Konecranes product supplier.

Our range of container handlers offers a selection of counterbalanced lift trucks that are purpose-built to handle containers. Whether empty containers need fast turn-around times or full containers need to be moved, Konecranes supplies the necessary machines to get the job done. Reach stackers are effective lift trucks for reaching high and optimising the use of floorspace. Today, we will look at a reach stacker that is ideal for everyday container-handling purposes. This machine is designed to handle heavy loads and offer stability during lifting and transportation. As a result, container handling should be a breeze with one of these in your fleet.


The Konecranes Reach Stacker

With large and heavy loads in mind, this counterbalanced truck from Konecranes needs to have the necessary strength to handle the pressure. A welded box-type boom is used to lower the stress on the boom and extend its lift height. The 4-plate box section increases torsional stiffness and ensures optimal bending resistance to handle container loads. Therefore, the boom provides predictable behaviour and precision during operation. The lifting spreaders are durable and several modern technological features assist the operator during a shift.

The suspension on such a lift truck must allow for heavy loads and provide the necessary stability for safe operation. This reach stacker features smart load-sensing hydraulics that can sense the current load and adapt accordingly. The hydraulic pumps adapt the lifting power to the weight of the load to provide maximum power only when it is necessary. Therefore, this machine consumes less fuel by matching the power output to the specific load, making it cost-efficient to run – yet another reason Konecranes machinery is so effective for container-handling applications.

With the ability to handle such heavy loads, this counterbalanced truck needs a hefty power unit. This is where the powerful engine shines through. A certified low-emission engine is installed in this reach stacker that delivers high levels of torque at low engine speeds to reduce fuel consumption and provide the necessary force for lifting. The engine is also commendably quiet, especially when running at low speeds. The body sits on a wide drive axle and a long wheelbase to provide optimal stability during lifting and transportation. In conclusion, this reach stacker from Konecranes is a machine that can give your work fleet a viable option for daily container handling.

Toyota Forklift is a Konecranes product supplier that offers a selection of container handlers for your business. For more details on these machines, feel free to browse our website for specifications and documentation. Choose Toyota Forklift today for all your industrial lifting equipment needs today.

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