Reach Stackers for Containers

A reach stacker is a type of forklift that has been specifically designed to have a better vertical reach. Such a forklift is great for optimising floor space in a cramped storage facility. By creating taller stacks, the floor space is used more efficiently. For many businesses, “going vertical” is their only solution to create more space in their facilities. This is right up the street of the machinery that Konecranes manufactures. Their selection of counterbalanced lift trucks is designed to handle containers and simplify daily operations on dockyards.

We specialise in warehouse material-handling equipment that includes a wide range of counterbalanced trucks for various applications. Pallet trucks are made for dealing with heavy pallets that contain building materials or products. The reason that their design works so well is because their wide and stable lift forks ensure a low centre of gravity for optimal control and stability. In contrast to this design, a regular reach stacker would use its height and narrow body for reaching extra high. Konecranes combines the stability and control of a wide body with the functionality of a high-reaching lifting mechanism.

The Konecranes Approach

Forklifts and similar warehouse material handlers have narrow and tall bodies to work well in warehouses. However, dockyards usually have a lot more space. As a result, Konecranes manufactures a range of container handlers specifically for dockyards. By using a wide wheel track and long wheelbase, the body of the vehicle remains stable. The wheels are located on the extreme corners of the vehicle, giving it even more control and stability. The cabin is in the middle or at the rear of the body, depending on the model. This optimises the operator’s visibility.

Every reach stacker in this range is fully equipped to deal with container stacking. Although there is typically more than enough space to manoeuvre in a dockyard, there may not always be a lot of space to store all the containers or the necessary mobile lifting equipment to properly handle them. This machine from Konecranes addresses the problem by delivering a vehicle that is ideally suited to the job. The front axle features a double-wheel setup on both sides, optimising the front end for dealing with heavy loads.

Konecranes’ reach stacker is one of a kind. The boom is mounted at the rear of the vehicle, with its support arms extending to the front of the vehicle. Therefore, the platform has optimal support for the boom, with the cabin being directly in front of the rear-mounted boom. This ensures that the operator can handle this 65-t machine with ease thanks to optimal front and side visibility. This lift truck can handle laden containers and stack them high in a dockyard. When accompanied by other container handlers in this range, you can assemble a fleet of able machinery that can transform your daily container-handling operations.

Toyota Forklift is your supplier of warehouse material handlers. We can also supply Konecranes reach stackers and counterbalanced trucks for container handling. For more information on our selection of material-handling machinery, please peruse our website for specifications.