EIE Group is A Konecranes Supplier

Konecranes offers viable methods for handling empty containers. Their lifting equipment safely transports empty containers and speeds up the recycling process. Import/export bays and docks deal with a huge number of containers throughout a year. Having a safe way to transport and recycle these containers is critical to the industry. EIE Group is a Konecranes supplier in South Africa that offers a varied selection of lifting equipment specifically designed for container handling. These machines can make a noticeable difference in your daily operations too.

Konecranes puts meticulous focus on the design of their machinery. A proper counterbalance provides the ability to safely lift heavier loads and stabilises the vehicle whilst carrying heavy loads. These machines have a rear-mounted cockpit to optimise visibility for the operator. Konecranes lifting equipment is safe, effective, and perfectly suited to its intended work environment. Today, we will delve into some details on these container handlers. This will provide good insight into the machines and their features before committing to buy.


Konecranes Lifting Equipment

As a Konecranes supplier, EIE Group delivers a large selection of their container-handling equipment and we begin with their range of container lift trucks. These container handlers have specialised designs to optimise them for their intended functions. Container handlers must remove empty containers from loading areas. This speeds up the recycling process, which refers to the turnaround time of empty containers to be removed and reused. We start with the smaller single-stacking models that have up to 8 t of lifting capacity. The ECC 80 models offer fast and effective medium-duty functionality for handling empty containers.

The SMV 3 to SMV 6 models have a mid-mounted cockpit resting on a counterbalanced frame for optimal stability. With a mid-mounted cockpit, the operator has an extended all-round view for ease of operation. The wheelbase on these machines is 3750 mm, creating a stable and safe platform while driving with a heavy load. Their rated lifting capacity is 8 t at a lift height of 1220 mm. For single-stacking, heavy-duty functionality, the ECC 90 models are ideal solutions. These container handlers have an increased wheelbase of 4500 mm and their lifting capacity is rated at 9 t at a lift height of 1220 mm.

Moving on to the double-stacking options, Konecranes offers the ECC 100 DS models. DS refers to the double-stacking spreader functionality of these machines. Both the ECC 90 and 100 DS models have rear-mounted cockpits for an even better view for the operator. With a 4500-mm wheelbase, the ECC 100 DS models are extremely stable and safe during operation. They have a rated lifting capacity of 10 t at a lift height of 1220 mm. As a result, the ECC 100 models are ideal for double stacking and speeds up the recycling process even further.

EIE Group is a proud supplier of Konecranes machines in South Africa. These container handlers can make a discernible difference to recycling speeds and ease of operations throughout a day on the job. If you want more information, please contact us directly with any enquiries. Choose EIE Group today for all your lifting-equipment needs. Let our quality equipment work to your business’s advantage.