Lift-Truck Fleet Management

Container handling requires heavy-duty machinery that can handle shipping containers at dockyards. Usually, docks have overhead cranes to move around containers. Konecranes offers a selection of lift trucks that are specifically designed for container handling and these lift trucks can significantly increase efficiency and reduce container recycle times. By freeing container handlers from overhead tracks or fixed locations, container handling reaches a new level of speed and efficiency. If you want to take your fleet to that level of productivity, Konecranes TRUConnect® delivers a connected fleet-management system that keeps you informed.

Your fleet of lift trucks is the beating heart of your dockyard operations. They are responsible for container handling, with quick turnaround expected for optimal performance. Unfortunately, lift trucks, like all machines, require regular maintenance and servicing to keep them in serviceable condition. With Konecranes TRUConnect®, you can be assured that your lift trucks are being monitored on all fronts. Today, we will talk about how this smart management system can bring your fleet operations to the forefront of the digital frontier and optimise its operations.

Container Handling

Container Handling

The Konecranes TRUConnect® Difference

Information technology has evolved into a tool that can be used in every business. The digital era introduced the Internet that connects everything via various networks and connection points around the world. Now, this tool can be utilised for fleet management as well. Konecranes TRUConnect® delivers a management system that gathers data from your entire fleet. Every lift truck in your fleet is connected to it and information about mechanical data such as tyre pressure and gearbox temperatures can be accessed through it. Therefore, you will always be aware of the current status of every individual lift truck in your fleet.

The system can notify you on engine starts, track the routes of every lift truck, and alert operators with live notifications. By delivering this information through a user-friendly interface, you can quickly identify problem areas. You can also plan optimal routes for lift trucks that will result in a more cost-effective solution. TRUConnect® tracks every aspect of your fleet to create an information hub that is accessible from wherever you are. This system from Konecranes can notify you via email or SMS via customisable alerts. Therefore, you will always stay informed of your fleet’s operations and be notified when something needs your attention.

With Konecranes TRUConnect® on your side, you have all the necessary information and data to optimise your fleet. Container handling has just been elevated to a new level of efficiency and productivity and by taking advantage of this fleet-management system, you can track impact readings on the sensors of the lift trucks. This useful function can quickly determine whether a truck has been in a collision or suffered a significant impact that may have resulted in damage that must be repaired. In such an event, a customised notification can be sent to the operator to notify them about the damage.

Toyota Forklift offers a wide variety of lifting equipment for warehouses and container-handling solutions. With Konecranes TRUConnect®, you can maximise your fleet’s efficiency and utilise information technology to enhance fleet management. Please peruse our website for more information on this useful tool for your business.