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We Have Warehouse Lifting Equipment for Sale

Warehouse lifting equipment typically includes forklifts, pallet trucks, and similar machinery to assist with the handling and storing of goods pallets. Forklifts are the most common choices for not only handling such materials, but also manoeuvring them within the confined spaces and narrow aisles of a warehouse. Pallet trucks are effective for handling large pallets, but lack the ability to stack these pallets high, due to their limited reach. However, reach stackers and articulated lift trucks are effective lifting machines for reaching high stacks. Fortunately, Toyota Forklift offers a comprehensive selection of lifting equipment for sale.

Starting with our in-house Toyota brand, we offer a selection of fuel- and battery-powered lifting equipment for sale to our clients. The 8FG series offers ideal forklift solutions for outdoor use. These machines are fuel-powered (petrol or diesel) and offer a choice of outdoor cabins to suit a variety of weather conditions. They also run on rough-terrain tyres and chassis setups that can handle uneven surfaces. We also offer a wide selection of electric lift trucks optimised for indoor use.

Apart from our own brand of lifting equipment, we also feature other brands for sale. BT’s range of warehouse lifting equipment majors on pallet trucks and high-lift reach stackers. Pallet trucks are commonly used for larger or awkwardly shaped loads. Industrial companies such as construction contractors that require lifting equipment to handle pallets laden with construction materials employ these machines at their storage facilities. Reach stackers, on the other hand, have high-lift forks to stack pallets high, optimising warehouse floorspace. They are perfect candidates for almost any storage facility in need of lifting equipment.

We offer a varied range of forklifts for sale to our clients and Flexi’s range of articulated forklifts is amongst them. These lift trucks feature an independent fork and they have been specifically designed for narrow-aisle operations. These special forks offer an excellent reach, making these articulated lift trucks reach stackers as well. Thanks to these forks, our BT lifting equipment can reach between 8,5 m and 13 m high. Therefore, they are some of the most versatile lifting equipment that we have for sale.

The JCB Teletruk is a perfect example of somewhat more unconventional lifting equipment. These lift trucks feature a side-mounted lift arm that can be fitted with a variety of optional attachments. Although they technically do not really qualify as forklifts, their compact bodies and wide field of view from the cabin make them useful machines in almost any work environment. Since the lift arm is attached to the side of the vehicle, as opposed to being directly in front of the operator, the operator has an unobstructed field of view in front of them. As a result, safety is optimised for the operator of a JCB Teletruk.

Toyota Forklift offers an extensive range of lifting equipment for sale to our clients. Whether you need conventional electric material handlers or more unconventional outdoor solutions, we can be of assistance. Please contact us with any further enquiries and let Toyota Forklift lifting equipment make the difference in your business as well.

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