Marketed by the Heavy Lift division of the EIE Group, the Link-Belt 75RT rough terrain crane provides a range of unique features that enhance both performance and productivity, as well as safety of the operation.

These features include V-Calc (Variable Confined Area Lifting Capacities), Link-Belt’s new variable outrigger configuration. V-CALC provides more selectable outrigger configurations by allowing outrigger beams (either fully retracted, intermediate or fully extended) to be setup in pairs either from side-to-side or front-to-rear. Other benefits include a user-friendly interface, real-time 360° charts, a live preview mode and swing arrest.

The Link-Belt Vision package is standard on all machines with three on-board cameras to further enhance on-board site monitoring. The package includes cameras for viewing to the right side of the upper, the main and auxiliary winch, as well as one for backing up.

All round visibility is a feature of the cab design, with extra large windows providing 20 percent greater visibility, while with other cab improvements include an ergonomic seat with electronic joystick/single axis controllers. The Pulse 2.0, Link- Belt’s patented crane operating system, features a 10-inch (25.4 cm) screen, and is programmable for greater customization, and w-fi enabled for software updates. Furthermore, all electrical and hydraulic components coming into the cab are bulk headed for “plug and play” assembly.

The ergonomics and safety of the crane operation are also enhanced by the inclusion of six access ladders leading to a 360o flat deck, ensuring that, regardless of slew angle, the operator has easy egress to the deck from the cab.

As a best-in-class brand, Link-Belt’s 75-ton 75RT features outstanding reach for its tonnage class, transporting fully loaded at under 44 905 kg. With a five-section 11 m – 43 m full-power formed boom, only two extend modes are offered to simplify lifting.

The Link-Belt 75RT has a 24 volt electrical system, which yields the ability to multiplex with modules placed near dedicated functions such as outrigger beams and winches. The five modules located throughout the machine allow for crane functions to continue working in instances where other modules are being diagnosed or serviced.

Service and maintenance are also facilitated by, amongst others, the centralized grease bank and pressure checks, the greaseless four-link suspension, serviceable pontoons and the remote mounted transmission oil, engine oil and fuel filters.

The EIE Group supports its Link-Belt users over the complete product lifecycle from financing assistance, to operator and maintenance staff training and spares and aftermarket support.

“While we are proud to offer a crane with such outstanding reach for its tonnage class, the safety of our clients’ workforce is also paramount,” says Shumani Tshifularo, Managing Director of the Heavy Lift Division. “The Link-Belt 75RT’s advanced safety features are, without doubt, an important contribution to the sector’s quest for Zero Harm.”

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Wynand Louw