Warehouse Material Handling

When it comes to running storage facilities filled with various warehousing materials, you will need the ideal equipment to not only transport large pallets of warehouse materials, but also ensure that warehouse safety is optimised to reduce risks, while at the same time getting the best out of your warehouse’s material-handling equipment. Should you be looking for material-handling equipment experts to supply lifting and material-handling equipment, look no further than EIE Group. We offer a wide selection of warehousing machinery.

Our selection includes forklifts, pallet trucks, reach stackers, and articulated models to give you a comprehensive selection from which you can build your warehouse fleet to optimise your productivity. We also offer a variety of services accompanying these incredible machines to ensure that EIE Group is your answer for any warehouse-equipment problem you might encounter. Today, we will have a closer look at some of our material-handling equipment and how their abilities can elevate your storage facility’s efficiency to new levels.


BT Warehouse Material Handling Equipment

As experts in the field, we supply a variety of warehousing equipment to choose from, including BT’s range of pallet trucks and similar material-handling machinery. BT’s range includes the versatile LWE200 walk-behind pedestrian power pallet truck, which is an ideal example of top-quality material-handling equipment for warehouse implementation. This range of pallet tucks features a selection between two models, both running on a 24-vold, 225-Ah battery and offering a maximum safe travel speed of 6 km/h to make it ideal for storage facilities. The LWE200 has a maximum lifting capacity of 2000 kg, while the LWE250 has an increased capacity of 2500 kg to allow for easy pallet transportation at safe speeds within your storage facility. BT also offers a lightweight pedestrian pallet truck in the form of the LWE130, able to lift 1300 kg, with a maximum battery capacity of 63 Ah and a maximum travel speed of a safe and comfortable 5,5 km/h without load to suit its intended work environment.

Should you be interested in platform powered pallet trucks as opposed to walk-behind models, BT offers the LPE200, featuring a maximum lifting capacity of 2000 kg, a maximum battery capacity of 300 Ah, and a maximum travel speed of 10 km/h for a speedier approach when compared to the walk-behind models. The LPE250 is the older brother of the LPE200, with an increased maximum capacity of 2500 kg, battery capacity of 400 Ah, and maximum speed of 12,5 km/h (without load) to ensure that this piece of material-handling equipment can get the job done faster than many other pallet trucks. BT also features stand-in and seated riders that can be perfect for your warehouse, depending on your requirements.

EIE Group is an expert in material-handling equipment and we offer our clients a wide selection of machinery to choose from, ranging from walk-behind pallet trucks to articulated forklifts to get the job done and take care of your warehouse’s material handling on a daily basis. For more information, feel free to peruse our website or contact us directly with any further enquiries. Choose EIE Group as your material handling equipment experts today.