Acquiring the Correct Material-Handling Equipment

Many industrial and commercial businesses have storage facilities to house their products and other materials. These facilities are commonly open-floor buildings that provide large and unobstructed floor space to accommodate the goods and the forklifts handling them. These counterbalanced lift trucks are the type of lifting equipment that most warehouses typically use daily. They have narrow bodies to maximise their manoeuvrability in narrow aisles and confined spaces. Some also feature skid-steer ability to turn on a dime and reduce the space they require even further.

If you are looking for a trustworthy supplier of material-handling equipment that offers a holistic approach through their sales and rental options for your business, Toyota Forklift is your answer. We offer a wide selection of forklifts that can elevate your warehouse operations to a new level of efficiency and productivity. Our equipment includes market-leading brands such as JCB and Flexi, as well as our own in-house brand of Toyota models. Regardless of the type of lift truck you need, we can provide it for your business.

Toyota Forklift Parts

Internal Combustion vs. Electric

The subject of internal-combustion engines versus electric engines has been thoroughly explored in the industrial sector. Although the world of commercial transport leans towards a future of electric cars, the industrial manufacturers already know which is best for specific applications regarding forklifts. The biggest issue with material-handling equipment with internal-combustion engines is the emissions that are released during a day’s work. With most storage facilities being indoors, dangerous gas emissions are a big problem, so we sell and rent both internal-combustion and electric forklifts to suit your needs. We also offer sensible solutions for different types of lift trucks, including reach stackers and pallet trucks.

The biggest drawback of electric vehicles is that their range might not yet be sufficient and charging infrastructure is still severely lacking in South Africa. This is much less of a problem for forklifts, which are usually designed to last an entire shift and can be charged on site. Our selection of Toyota material-handling equipment includes the 8FG/FD range, which is geared for outdoor usage. Both diesel and petrol versions of this lift truck are available. It has rough-terrain ability and various cabin configurations are available to suit different weather conditions.

Since the internal-combustion 8FG/FD series is not suitable for indoor use, we also have a selection of electric models. Our stand-in lift truck is easy to operate and quick to mount and dismount. With a tall cabin design that allows the operator to stand while operating the forklift, visibility is optimal and safety increased. For a more conventional approach, we also offer our 3- and 4-wheeled ranges to deliver reliable electric lift trucks for your business. Whether you wish to buy or rent a fleet of material-handling equipment, we can be of assistance.

Toyota Forklift is your first choice in suppliers of lift trucks for your warehouse. Our comprehensive range of material-handling equipment can deliver a more efficient way for daily warehouse routines. We also offer a smart fleet-management system to keep you informed on every vehicle’s status, whereabouts, and operator information. For more, talk to us today.