Our Services are Your Solution to Mobile Crane Hire

Mobile cranes are some of the most versatile industrial machines used in the construction industry. Before the era of mobile cranes, stationary, counterbalanced cranes had to be erected to lift and move heavy building materials and other items. With a mobile version, the task becomes much easier. Although large tower cranes are still being used for constructing buildings, a mobile crane can provide the means to handle all those light- to medium-duty construction tasks with ease.

Counterbalancing is the concept behind the operation of a crane. However, counterbalancing is no longer required for certain types of cranes, such as knuckle-boom cranes and extension lattice booms. Knuckle booms are flexible in their design, with boom sections that are connected with large “knuckles” to allow the boom to extend and retract in the same way a human finger does; extension booms, however, do not have a knuckle boom’s ability to fold in on itself. Today, we will delve into EIE Group’s mobile crane-hire services and see how our cranes can make a difference to your next construction project.


Mobile Cranes for Construction

A wide variety of industrial machines are used on a construction site. Rollers are used to stabilise and compact the ground for a solid foundation. Lift trucks carry the necessary building materials to specific locations on site. Mobile cranes are used to clear the construction site of debris, as well as lift and accurately place heavy building materials according to the building plans. These machines play a crucial role in any construction project.

As part of the EIE Group’s mobile crane-hire services, we offer a selection of brands and vehicle types to choose from. Link-Belt is a leading brand in the industry, offering rugged mobile cranes for a wide variety of applications. Construction sites can have challenging and uneven terrain, which makes it difficult to level a mobile crane to prevent it from tipping during a lift. Link-Belt provides a selection of rough- and all-terrain options and their selection kicks off with their basic rough-terrain mobile crane trucks.

The RTC-8030 is a great example of an extension lattice-boom mobile crane. Its boom can lift a mass of 30 t. The boom has four sections that allow it to extend up to 27,8 m in total, granting this machine a 43,6-m tipping height. Link-Belt also features a telescopic crawler-track mobile crane. The crawler tracks allow this vehicle to cross almost any type of terrain without breaking a sweat. Our hire services also include the highly capable all-terrain cranes from Link-Belt. These machines have self-levelling extension arms on the sides of the vehicle to level and stabilise it. This feature is important, as these cranes can lift impressively large weights.

We offer convenient mobile-crane hire services to suit your business requirements. Please browse the relevant pages on our website for detailed specifications and brochures on Link-Belt’s range of mobile cranes. If you need any details on our crane-hire services, please contact us directly today. Choose EIE Group and take advantage of our wide selection of industrial machinery for your business.