Why You Should Choose Mobile Crane Rental Service from EIE Group

Construction sites of any type or description always require some sort of construction equipment they can rely on. Lifting equipment, such as mobile cranes, are often crucial to the success of a construction project, yet not all construction or industrial operations have the cashflow to purchase these types of cranes outright. However, choosing a professional mobile crane rental service can be just the thing you have been looking for so save both to the project and the budget.

If you need some heavy mechanical lifting done on site, a mobile crane rental service is often the best choice. Not all projects need mobile cranes all the time, which means that, when they are not required, they stand idly and need to be stored safely while the owner still pays for the machinery and the storage, and this is obviously not financially prudent. There is also the issue of operation – all cranes need trained operators to drive them safely, and employing someone to do this on a full-time basis when the crane is only needed during certain stages of a project is not cost-effective either. Even larger companies that own the cranes that they need for a project will inevitable, at some stages of their projects, require smaller, more agile cranes such as mobile cranes. So, instead of investing in a fleet of high-performance static or mobile cranes, why not just choose a great mobile crane rental service to save money and effort?

The benefits of a reliable mobile crane rental service are numerous. For a start, it saves on the training of operators and you avoid a large cash investment in heavy machinery. Secondly, operational costs, maintenance, and servicing cost money, and if the crane happens to break down during a crucial stage of the operation, the downtime can cause scope creep and have hefty financial implications.

To avoid all these issues, it is much safer to choose a mobile crane rental instead. The cranes can be rented for the crucial stages of the project, and usually a trained operator who is trained in the operation of the particular mobile crane will be part and parcel of the contract. This means that you do not have to invest additional money in keeping trained and qualified staff on site on a permanent basis.

At EIE Group, we specialise in assisting a wide variety of businesses with the moving and heavy lifting of all kinds of materials. We offer an extensive product range and our mobile crane rental service can provide you with all the heavy lifting power you need for your particular project. We understand that not all projects are the same, and as a result, we ensure that we are aware of new technologies and industry needs at all times. This means that we invest in new equipment all the time, and that we are able to meet even the most unique needs of our clients.

Because we are so intensely focused on our clients’ needs, we encourage you to engage our services the next time you need a mobile crane rental service, and we will ensure that we provide you with the mobile crane rental service you need at a price you can afford.