Heavy-Duty Mobile Cranes for Sale

Construction contractors and subcontractors utilise heavy-duty lifting machinery to make life easier on site. These machines can handle heavy lifting to allow the workforce to complete construction projects on time. Tower cranes have been a staple in this industry, being frequently used when constructing tall towers. However, if you need a mobile solution, we have some options for sale that could accommodate your needs. Heavy-duty lifting equipment can be a real pain to transport, so these machines are self-powered and able to drive to their destination.
Link-Belt RTC Modules rough terrain cranes
Mobile lifting equipment covers a large domain of industrial machinery, from an electric forklift that can handle only a few tonnes to monstrous mobile cranes that can carry over 200 t. On a construction site, you need the latter. You also need a machine that can handle itself over rough terrain, as construction sites rarely feature smooth and level terrain. The selection of Link-Belt machines that we have for sale delivers such qualities to accommodate your need on site.

Link-Belt Heavy-Duty Mobile Lifting Equipment

Mobile cranes are designed to deliver stable lifting solutions on all types of terrain. Lick-Belt’s TCC modules address this aspect by running on crawler tracks. These allow the vehicles to glide over almost any type of terrain for access to the entire construction site. Crawler tracks normally operate with skid-steer driving, allowing the machine to turn on a dime and have an excellent radial reach. It also simplifies operating the machine, delivering a fast and easy solution. However, crawler tracks are not ideal for travelling on public roads. Therefore, we also offer more conventional models for sale.

The Link-Belt HTC module is one of those mobile cranes that sits on a conventional chassis. Featuring multiple axles to support the weight and a front-mounted cabin for optimal visibility, this machine can handle itself on and off the road. It features an engine that can generate all the power you will ever need. Its hydro-gas suspension allows the vehicle to adapt to uneven terrain and it also features stabilising arms to level the machine when operated on uneven terrain, ensuring that the rig does not fall over. Therefore, we offer a versatile machine for sale that can traverse both the road and construction site with ease.

If you need a solution that does not require a huge amount of lifting capacity, Link-Belt’s RTC module is an ideal candidate. This module can handle 75 t, along with rough-terrain functionality to deliver one of the most compact and versatile mobile cranes. It sits on only two axles, which simplifies its handling for the operator. The crane is mounted on the rear end of the vehicle, while the cabin is mounted just in front of it. The result is stable operation, as most of the weight rests on the rear end of the vehicle, while the lifting happens in front of it.

Link-Belt RTC Modules rough terrain cranesFinally, we have the big ATC module for sale to those who require a heavy-duty solution. This mobile crane from Link-Belt can handle up to 185 t on rough terrain and up to 210 t on flat terrain. It features a big and wide cabin to optimise visibility for the operator. It also has an engine and transmission configuration to power the multiple wheel axles and carry the heavy load. Its hydro-gas suspension delivers the mobility and versatility you need to handle road driving and the construction site with ease.

Toyota Forklift offers a wide range of mobile cranes for sale to ensure that your business has feasible options for construction sites. We also offer a comprehensive range of warehouse material-handling equipment to suit your warehousing needs. Browse our website for specifications and brochures on our machinery.