Four Factors That Influence Your Choice of Overhead Crane Supplier

A lot of construction projects require the use overhead cranes. Often, people opt to rent these cranes instead of purchasing them, although some construction companies prefer to purchase their own cranes to add to their assets lists. If you are looking to rent or purchase an overhead crane, you will need to find a top supplier, and there are five things you must consider before choosing the best overhead crane supplier for your needs.

Before you start, you must make a list of the companies you want to work with – this can be because they are located close to you, because of their reputation, or perhaps just because you have worked with them before. If you are considering a long-term partnership, use these five criteria to give you an indication of how well they will fit your requirements:

Culture: The cultural values of an overhead crane supplier says a lot about how the company operates, how it is run, and which type of clients they will attract. Go online and check whether they share your organisation’s culture and values – similar values will allow you to work together better.

Cost: The prices of their services or products are also very important. Often, people choose companies purely based on costs, but this could be an expensive mistake if other factors (such as after-sales service) come into play. That said, you need an overhead crane supplier that is, at the very least, competitively priced.

Value for money: In addition to cost, you have to be certain that you will get value for the money you spend. Not only should the overhead crane supplier you choose be able to provide you with outstanding, reliable products, but they should also add other services that will add value to the deal. Perhaps some free crane servicing, discounted operator training, low-cost spares, or some other benefits that will give you more bang for your buck.

Industry and market experience: When you choose an overhead crane supplier, you have to be certain that they know the industry. Knowledge and advice from you supplier can be valuable, and it is vital that they have enough market experience to advise you on which cranes to use, the cost of services, and other factors that influence the decisions you make regarding your overhead cranes.

If you are looking for the best overhead crane supplier for your operation, give our team at EIE Group a call – we have a great range of products, we know a lot about the industry, and we always provide great value for your money. Contact us today to find out more.