Pre-Owned Forklifts for Your Storage Facility

The market for used cars in South Africa is booming and ever-expanding. This rise can partly be attributed to the high prices of new vehicles, which seems to be forever increasing. Therefore, people save money when buying pre-owned vehicles instead. Your business can do the same with its forklifts. We offer a selection of used warehouse machinery to fill up your fleet and save you money in the process. Whether you need indoor or outdoor solutions, we have you covered on all fronts.

Both new and pre-owned machines require maintenance due to mechanical wear and tear. We offer service and maintenance solutions to ensure that your forklifts are in optimal condition for the best possible performance. For indoor machinery, we highly recommend electric models that do not produce harmful exhaust emissions. For outdoor machinery, we offer internal-combustion lift trucks that are designed with outdoor applications in mind. Therefore, both bases are covered when dealing with us. We also have a selection of other industrial products and solutions.

The Comprehensive Package

Whether you are interested in new or pre-owned forklifts, we are your first choice. We have our in-house brand of Toyota battery-powered and internal-combustion models to choose from. The electric ranges include stand-in and 3-wheeled models that are ideal for light- to medium-duty applications. These counterbalanced trucks are designed for indoor use and can dramatically reduce turnaround times at your facility. We also offer a 4-wheeled version for heavier-duty applications. This machine is larger and more robust to handle bigger loads.

There will probably be a need for internal-combustion lift trucks in the industrial sector for a good many years still, especially for outdoor purposes. Therefore, we offer several petrol- and diesel-powered forklifts in various models. These machines feature a selection of cabin configurations to suit various weather conditions as well, making them ideal for outdoor use to ensure that work can continue, whatever the weather. If you want a fleet of pre-owned warehouse machinery that can function outdoors, this range is ideal for you. Our comprehensive approach also includes rental options, where we handle the fleet services and maintenance on your behalf.

When renting a forklift fleet from us, we offer a couple of options to ensure that all your needs are met. Pre-owned machines are likely to be a part of this fleet. However, with our comprehensive maintenance services, these machines will perform at optimal levels in your storage facility. We also have a fleet-management system that gathers data from every machine in your fleet. This system offers a digital platform through which you can access the data and use it to run your fleet more efficiently and safely. This software collects crucial data on each machine, even including damage and impact detection.

Toyota Forklift is your first choice in new and pre-owned warehouse material handlers in South Africa. We offer industrial batteries and rental solutions as well to ensure that your business can thrive with us on your side. For more on our available machines and solutions, please peruse our website for details. Choose us as the supplier of your warehouse material handling equipment today.