Citymaster 600

The new Citymaster 600 is a real “professional” among the range of multifunctional implement carriers with articulated steering. This robust and extremely manoeuvrable machine with innovative quick-change system and 600-litre universal hopper can be upgraded to a professional sweeper.

Citymaster 1250plus

The Citymaster 1250plus provides a convincing solution to suit a wide range of applications. Tailor-made to meet the requirements in question. With numerous possibilities of expanding its functionality: for example, grounds and winter maintenance.

Citymaster 1250 Citycleaner

The Citymaster 1250 CityCleaner is put to use when dirt or fine dust is stuck to surfaces and must be cleaned up effectively. Equipped with a single front attachment unit for universal application, it enables perfect wet cleaning on all smooth, high quality surfaces and even on running tracks. 3 flexibly attached brushes with selectable fresh or recycled water and carefully selected cleaning agents then go to work on the stubborn dirt. The speed and pressing force can be adjusted and adapted to any cleaning task.

Citymaster 1600

Particularly low consumption- and emission values characterize the sweeper Citymaster 1600. The low-emissions engine with particle filter combined with our ultra-modern, lownoise and low-dust-emissions sweeping technology allows for employment not only in the city but also in quiet residential areas – even early in the morning or late at night. With the sweeping performance of a 2m³-sweeper but without its limitations regarding employment on footpaths or driving license requirements. Class B driving licence holders can drive the Citymaster 1600

Citymaster 2200

The Citymaster 2200 is our professional solution for comprehensive municipal all-season employment, setting new standards in terms of application and economic efficiency. Reliable sweeping and intake systems combined with environmentally friendly state-of-the-art machine technology and an extralarge dirt hopper. Equipped with an attachment quick-change system that allows easy conversion of the machine to be used for wet-cleaning tasks and professional winter service.