Narrow Aisle FORKLIFTS


1250 – 1500kg CAPACITY

Designed for pallet handling in very narrow aisles, the Vector range offers a choice of fork systems for outstanding performance. Select from three different chassis widths and lengths to achieve the optimum configuration to suit the application. AC power means high speed operation, regenerative braking and lowering, low energy consumption and reduced servicing costs. Safe, high speed operation can also be maintained due to the Optipace performance management system that ensures optimised and smooth handling at all heights.


1000 – 1350kg CAPACITY

Designed for use in tight and narrow spaces, ergonomically designed to suit the operator, every part of this machine is adjustable from the seat to the height of the twin control panels. Integrated with Toyota’s Optipace system, the VCE100/120/135 is optimized to have a travel speed of up to 12km/h whilst ensuring excellent stability and driver safety.


1250 – 1500kg CAPACITY

Capable of both order picking and full-pallet handling at height in very narrow aisles, Vector forklifts boast a range of advanced features. This range of very narrow aisle forklifts have been developed with a series of unique features that are designed to minimise the space occupied by the forklift, and to vastly improve speed and efficiency in operation.



With a multitude of ergonomic features, Toyota’s 9000 Series Swing-Reach Forklifts provide optimum programmability, ease of maintenance and versatility. A clear view mast is designed for maximum visibility. The patented intellispeed™ system optimizes truck speed at elevations over a full range of heights and load-weight conditions. Toyota’s intelliguide™ guidance steers the forklift automatically, allowing operators to concentrate on the next pick.


2700 – 4500kg CAPACITY

The Toyota 9400 Sideloader truck is engineered to handle long, bulky loads with ease in narrow aisle storage and tight areas. It’s ideal for handling long or bulky loads such as steel, bar stock, tubing, laminates, lumber or plywood – with stacking capabilities up to 9 metres high. Highly manoeuvrable and versatile, Toyota Sideloader long load forklifts make light work of your cumbersome loads.