Quality Forklifts for Hire

Warehouse lifting equipment is something every commercial and industrial business use. EIE Group offers a wide variety of quality forklifts for hire in South Africa. Our selection includes a host of brands to choose from. These brands specialise in delivering unique and functional warehouse material-handling forklifts that range from electric indoor forklifts that offer cost-effective running to diesel-powered outdoor models that have cabins designed to protect operators against the elements.

Narrow-aisle functionality and manoeuvrability in confined spaces are some of the benefits of our quality forklifts. Warehouses are used for storage purposes and this limits the amount of floorspace when these warehouses are filled to capacity. Forklifts can easily stack and reach in these confined spaces. As a result, it is pivotal to have the right machinery to get the job done in the warehouse. EIE Group can deliver forklift fleet-hire solutions for your business. Today, we shall focus on Flexi’s effective narrow-aisle model, the HiMAX AC.


The Flexi HiMAX AC

The Flexi HiMAX AC is an articulated forklift that is designed for narrow-aisle operations. It boasts the iconic red Flexi livery to set it apart from other brands. This specific model is engineered to achieve high-lift functionality and can lift loads to 13 m, making it easy to reach and stack within a warehouse environment. The lifting is accomplishable with its heavy-duty fixed mast. With an independent articulated fork, the uses of the HiMAX AC are almost unlimited. This model offers two choices of chassis widths, namely 1250 and 1350 mm. It also features special rear tyres that offer excellent load ratings and lift stability.

The heavy-duty fixed mast has fixed sections in a double-deck front frame. This grants maximum load stability for high-reaching and -stacking functions. It also features a high-quality tilting and side-shifting carriage to eliminate mast deflection during high lifts. The fork also features a high-definition LCD CCTV display to give the operator a visual of the fork itself. This allows the operator to safely reach and stack at high levels up to its maximum of 13 m. With this function, the Flexi HiMAX AC makes it easy to operate within highly stacked work environments. Its narrow-aisle ability also allows you to optimise the usable space in your warehouse.

The front fixed mast improves the view of the operator to safely manoeuvre in confined spaces. You can also specify an optional, fully adjustable high-back seat with armrests that gives the operator a comfortable position to work from. It reduces fatigue and can improve overall productivity. The integral tilting and side-shifting forks also add to the functionality of this capable machine. The Flexi HiMAX AC truly is a prime example of the quality forklifts that EIE Group offers for hire in South Africa.

Our selection of warehouse-handling lifting equipment is broad and all-encompassing. For more information, feel free to browse our website for details. Our brands include Toyota Forklift, BT, Flexi, and JCB to choose from. Choose EIE Group today for a complete range of quality forklifts for hire in South Africa. Let us elevate your business to new heights with our flexible forklift fleet-hire solutions.