Within a warehousing environment, you are likely to find a fleet of machinery to take care of the job at hand. This fleet will consist of regular forklifts, articulated forklifts, reach stackers, and pallet trucks for a complete and comprehensive approach to handling warehouse materials. Regular forklifts are used for transporting and storing regular pallets in the work environment, while articulated models offer more manoeuvrability within narrow corridors and aisles.

Pallet trucks are ideal for handling bigger and heavier pallets, which is usually the case in construction, while reach stackers are made for the purpose that they are named for – reaching and stacking. Regular forklifts and pallet trucks are limited regarding their height reach, making them viable for daily use but falling short when it comes to stacking and reaching high. Today, we will focus on the advantages of a reach stacker and how these machines can have a positive influence on your warehouse storage fleet, providing a practical design for high reaching and stacking of warehouse materials.

Running Out of Space

Floorspace within a warehouse is very important, as it allows for larger storage areas, and results in more room for storing warehousing materials. Sometimes, the floorspace might be limited due to various reasons, and this is where solutions must be found. A common solution to open up more floorspace is to add a temporary mezzanine floor within your warehouse. This could cause some problems for vehicle access and to avoid that, a reach stacker can be used, and the racks can be extended to gain access to more storage space in your facility.

EIE Group offers a variety of reach stackers for sale, including our range of Raymond stackers, to allow your warehouse to maximise the available space for optimal levels of storage. Not only does a reach stacker provide several advantages in height, but also in stability, allowing for a vehicle that can easily reach top levels of shelves to stack pallets. EIE Group also offers a range of viable warehousing material-handling vehicles that can make up a fully operational work fleet for your storage facilities, with ample options to fit your preferences and the working environment.

We have a plethora of industrial solutions for lifting equipment, including a range of reach stackers with advantages that can take your warehouse storage to the next level. For more information, feel free to peruse our website for detailed specifications or contact us directly with your enquiries. Choose EIE Group today and let us lift your business to new heights with our selection of machinery.