Stacking Containers with Reach Stackers

Regular forklifts use the principle of counterbalance to ensure that the vehicle does not tip over with a full load. This principle also applies to stationary cranes, where a pivot is used to weigh down the one side of a beam so that the other side can lift a weight. In the ever-advancing domain of mechanical engineering, this concept can be applied to many types of machinery – also a lift truck that handles heavy shipping containers. A lift truck has a high lifting capacity, making it an ideal reach stacker for container handling at docks, ports, and piers.

Toyota Forklift is a supplier of Konecranes lift trucks, specifically designed for container handling. These trucks have an unusual shape but once you understand the concept of counterbalance for container-handling purposes, you will understand why they look the way they do. No matter which style, size, or type of forklift you need for your business, we can supply them. Today, we will take a look at why a reach stacker is so effective for container handling.

Taking Forklifts to Docks

At most docks and piers, there is a static overhead container handler to ensure swift turnaround times. Unfortunately, these overhead handlers cannot reach everywhere and have limited abilities because of it. This is where Konecranes delivers a solution with their reach stacker that is specifically designed for container handling. This machine features a counterbalanced design with optimal visibility from the cabin of the vehicle and the body features a heavy-duty box-type chassis for optimal balance and stability during lifting and travelling. That is why the wheels are located on the outermost corners of the box-type chassis.

The cabin of this reach stacker is mounted towards the rear of the vehicle and the lift boom is mounted behind the cabin. The boom is attached to the front of the vehicle with lift arms. These arms assist in handling heavy containers on the move. The wheel axles have smart load-sensing hydraulics to determine the optimal ride height for each load. The track width of these axles is as wide as possible, optimising the stability of the vehicle when turning. The heavy-duty drive axle and long wheelbase ensure a stable and safe lift.

For such a large piece of machinery, a powerful engine is required to supply the motive force and get this container handler moving. A certified, low-emission, diesel internal combustion engine gives this reach stacker the necessary power to get to where it needs to be. High levels of torque are generated at low engine speeds, making for effortless and efficient progress. The power unit is also very fuel-efficient. So, if you want a container-handling machine that is not limited to the confines of an overhead rail, this reach stacker from Konecranes is an ideal solution for your business.

Toyota Forklift offers a wide variety of forklifts, reach stackers, and pallet trucks to choose from. We also supply batteries for electric industrial lifting equipment. For more information on how we can meet all your container-handling needs, please browse our website for specifications and brochures on all our machines.