Our Range of Reach Stackers

The warehousing industry will always demand proper lifting equipment, including reach stackers, to allow for higher storage stacks without compromising floorspace in the process. Reach stackers offer the unique ability to comfortably lift and reach higher than regular lifting equipment while staying stable and offering safety by reducing the risk of warehouse materials falling from high storage shelves.

Although reach stackers can be classified as forklifts, they fit the bill of handling warehouse materials at certain heights with optimal stability to grant more overall functionality and make them viable options for any warehousing environment. Toyota Forklift offers a variety of Raymond lifting equipment that can make life in the warehouse much easier and grant much more control over specific lifting, stacking, and reaching tasks that regular forklifts might struggle with. Today, we will have a closer look at the reach stacker available from Raymond and how its functions can work to your advantage in your work environment, giving you the unique ability to reach and stack with confidence and without overextending a regular forklift and cause potentially dangerous situations in your warehouse.

The Raymond Reach Stacker

The Raymond RRS pantographic reach stacker is a multifunctional pallet truck that can be used in warehouses and commercial areas such as bulk shopping centres and shopping malls. This effective piece of lifting equipment offers high levels of manoeuvrability to gain access to confined spaces with ease to transport various materials. Retail storage areas or weight-restricted elevators and floors are considered the hunting ground of the RRS, giving you a quality pallet truck to easily reach, stack, or transport various materials and products in short order.

This machine is powered by a 24-V battery and has a maximum loading capacity of 1360 kg, making it viable for various applications within a warehousing or retail storage setting. Its maximum lifting height reaches 4,8 m, which is very impressive for a pallet truck model and very useful for storage applications. EIE Group also offers other reach stackers for sale, giving you a proper selection of lifting equipment that can make a difference in your work environment, especially for storage and warehousing purposes.

With Toyota Forklift and 600SA Holdings, we offer a comprehensive selection of industrial machinery for our clients. Should you be interested in more details and specifications on these machines, feel free to peruse our website for more information, or contact us directly with any further enquiries. Choose EIE Group today and take full advantage of a wide spectrum of machinery for your industrial needs, giving you what you need, when you need it.