Your Supplier of Outdoor Forklift Solutions

Forklifts come in a variety of shapes and sizes to do various jobs. Sometimes, your business might require a lift truck that can handle rough terrain and work outdoors. Such a truck can be just what you need for loading pallets onto flatbed transportation trucks. They can also be used at outdoor storage facilities. The majority of construction contractors and suppliers of construction materials prefer the advantages of rough-terrain forklifts.

Toyota Forklift is a supplier of a unique and effective solution. As a supplier of rough-terrain forklifts, as well as lift trucks for indoor applications, we understand the challenges of the industrial sector. If you want a lift truck that can handle the outdoor environment, our 8FG/8FD series has a sensible selection for your business. These machines are powered by internal combustion engines which run on diesel, petrol, or LPG, dependent on the specific model. Today, we will discuss their suitability as rough-terrain lift trucks for your business. There is much more than meets the eye with these warehouse material handlers.

The 8FG/8FD Series

Liquified petroleum gas became popular in some countries like the UK when leaded petrol was outlawed; however, in South Africa, it was never used in normal passenger vehicles. Diesel, on the other hand, is also a very popular fuel type for industrial use thanks to its high energy density. Diesel is very efficient and has relatively low CO2 emissions, but it strictly an outdoor fuel, because of its particle and NOx emissions. The diesel models in the 8FD series are, therefore, typically used outdoors only. This series offers models for rough-terrain applications as well.

By using internal combustion engines, these forklifts are, however, not confined to a small environment but can cover greater distances. They are in their element outdoors, with a selection of cabins available to suit various weather conditions as well. This series includes lift trucks that can lift loads from 1 t to 8 t. The models are split into three categories, starting with the 1-3,5-t models. These lift trucks have a compact cabin and small tyres to optimise handling. Rear-wheel steering is used in most lift trucks in general to aid stability and agility with a load on board.

The intermediate models boast between 3,5 and 5 t of lift capacity. These models have a bigger lift shaft and an increased tyre size on the front end to carry heavier loads. With their larger tyres, they are more adaptable to rough-terrain operation. We are a supplier of forklifts with varying carrying capacities for different work environments. The heavy-duty models that can lift big loads have an even larger fork shaft and double wheels at the front. Able to lift up to 8 t, these forklifts are rugged and suited for outdoor applications.

Toyota Forklift is a supplier of a wide range of forklifts and warehouse material-handling equipment. Our selection includes rough-terrain internal combustion lift trucks that can handle the harsh outdoor environment. For more information on the 8FG/9FD series, please browse our website for specifications. Choose us as your supplier today and get the rough-terrain forklift that is ideal for your needs.