In a first order to be received from the Twinsaver Group, Toyota Industrial Equipment, part of the EIE Group, has supplied a total of 40 Toyota Forklift and BT material handling machines for deployment at Twinsaver’s Tissue paper mills, converting plants & warehouses across South Africa

The Twinsaver Group is a national manufacturer and distributor of branded tissue products and is a market leader across the majority of industry categories and segments in which it operates.

The machines, all supplied ex factory with 20-24 weeks delivery, were ordered on a long-term rental with full maintenance basis, inclusive of parts. Full driver training was provided for the units, which are diesel and battery-operated forklifts, ranging in capacity from 1.5 tons to 7 tons, and equipped with specialized attachments for paper tissue handling.

Robust and reliable to withstand the intensive production schedules of Twinsaver, the forklifts also offer a range of advanced features that make them ideally suited to the manufacturer’s requirements. This includes the System of Active Stability (SAS) installed on all units, which controls the stability of the truck and load when lifting, driving and cornering, keeping drivers safe and equipment in excellent working condition. The patented system takes over 3,000 readings per second to detect unsafe operating conditions and, if a safety hazard is detected, activates features that improve lateral and longitudinal stability of the forklift.

The FMX forklift management system, developed specifically for forklift and materials handling equipment, is a full vehicle fleet management system to track and report operating behavior of a forklift, including utilization, productivity and maintenance needs. The system assists in reducing damaging impacts, planning maintenance schedules and providing the data needed to effectively manage material handling operations in the workplace.

The Toyota Forklift and BT forklifts are equipped with fuel efficient internal combustion (IC) engines and AC motors. When introduced, the IC engine represented a breakthrough in thermal efficiency.

“We are delighted that we were able to win Twinsaver away from an opposition brand, based on the reputation of our best-in-class Toyota and BT brands, combined with the professionalism and experience of our team,” says Gary Neubert, EIE Group’s CEO. “Our sales and aftermarket team worked closely with the client throughout the tender process and will maintain a schedule of daily contact, weekly update reports and monthly meetings – building a partnership for life with Twinsaver.”

As the sole distributor of Toyota Forklift, BT, Raymond and Flexi material handling equipment in Southern Africa, Toyota Industrial Equipment is the largest supplier of forklifts to the Southern African market and has the most comprehensive product support infrastructure in the region.

For further information contact:
Steve Hatzipanis
Cell: 083 377 9333