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Warehouse lifting equipment is a perfect example of industrial counterbalanced trucks being used for lifting applications. These trucks are very effective in their work environment, with narrow bodies for optimal manoeuvrability in storage facilities. Based on the counterbalanced design, most lift trucks feature specific body designs to optimise lifting ability and stability. This concept is also applied to various outdoor lift trucks, such as the container handlers from Konecranes. Toyota Forklift offers a selection of lift trucks and is a proud supplier of Konecranes equipment as well.

Container handlers are very effective at their job. These lift trucks offer a fast and effective way to transport and stack containers. They are designed to handle heavy loads while still offering the necessary cost-efficiency for daily container handling. As a supplier of Konecranes, we offer a selection of machinery, including forklift trucks, to make life easy in terms of your container handling. Today, we will focus on forklift trucks that are designed for the shipyard and for container handling in this specialist environment.


The Konecranes Forklift Truck

As with any other forklift, this forklift truck features a counterbalanced body to assist the forks to lift heavy loads. The counterbalanced design also maximises stability during lifting, equalising the weight distribution throughout the vehicle. As a result, the vehicle can lift and transport heavy loads safely and with excellent stability. Konecranes forklifts are designed with years of experience and expertise to deliver a highly adaptable industrial lift truck for your business. They are ideal for industrial material handling as well as container-handling applications. Offering versatility and strength, these lift trucks can handle almost any job thrown at them.

With shipyards and marinas in mind, the Konecranes forklift truck features a body and chassis design that can handle a multitude of industrial materials. Starting with the beating heart of this machine, we find a certified low-emission engine that provides very high levels of torque at low engine speeds. This reduces overall fuel consumption and noise levels during operation, ensuring cost-effective running in the process. The OPTIMA cabin is thoughtfully designed to optimise comfort and safety for the operator. It offers optimal all-round visibility, as well as attention to detail in terms of controls, displays, ventilation, and seating to optimise operator comfort and productivity.

Konecranes also supplies a selection of lifting masts for this forklift truck. As a result, you can choose the ideal lifting mast to meet your requirements and deliver a truck that is ideal for your work environment. Choose between a Duplex mast with or without free lift, or a Triplex mast with free-lift capability to optimise your forklift truck for a variety of lifting applications. The smart load-sensing hydraulics in the suspension will sense the current load and match the power output accordingly. This process reduces fuel consumption and provides a cost-efficient lift truck for heavy-duty applications.

Toyota Forklift is a proud supplier of Konecranes lift trucks for container handling applications. For more information on their versatile and adaptable forklift trucks, please browse Toyota Forklift’s website for specifications. We also offer a variety of warehouse material handlers for storage facilities.

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