OptiFant 8000 – Truck-Mounted Sweepers for Higher Productivity and Lower Environmental Impact

Sweeper trucks play an important role in keeping roads and industrial sites clean. However, factors such as fuel economy, functionality, durability, and mobility must be taken into consideration when looking for appropriate sweeper trucks to add to your company or municipality fleet. One of the sweeper trucks that we can recommend, and which is available through us, is the OptiFant 8000. It is very economical, which helps to keep operational costs lower. These truck-mounted sweepers have various features that add to operator comfort, adding to a healthier work environment for the operator, and thus helping to reduce fatigue and injuries associated with long hours of work.

The OptiFant 8000 is one of the sweeper trucks in the well-known Bucher Schörling product stable, a manufacturer known for superior quality trucks. Reliability is ensured through the use of high-quality, proven materials that help to keep maintenance costs low. With fewer breakdowns, operating hours are maximised, ensuring faster service delivery. These trucks are very efficient, and because of their low emissions and their specially designed, durable, high-performance auxiliary engines, they comply with various environmental standards and regulations.

The above is important with the increased focus around the world on sustainable management of resources and reduced impact on the environment. The manufacturer is also busy with ongoing improvements in design to ensure that future generations of the OptiFant will also be compliant with the applicable emission and noise minimisation requirements.

Another important requirement that municipalities and companies must consider when buying sweeper trucks is that of versatility, and the OptiFant 8000 meets the requirement with aplomb. It can work equally well at road construction sites where clean-up is needed and will easily handle normal motorway-cleaning functions. It comes with a powerful engine and high-efficiency hydraulically powered fan for maximum suction capacity. This makes it possible to use it at accident scenes, construction sites, roadwork sites, and normal road-cleaning sites. This truck-mounted sweeper has exceptional hopper volume and a large water tank, enabling it to be used for intense operation while providing high productivity. It is also possible to add an additional water tank for longer operation before cleaning out.

Because of the fuel-efficiency of the truck engines, longer operation is possible with larger distances covered. As such, it is possible to get maximum road-cleaning capacity, even within a tight municipal budget. Each sweeper truck is fitted with a high-performance fan, water pump, and brush system, with an intercooler at the front of the hopper and a sound-proofed cabin, adding to the impressively low noise emission level of the OptiFant 8000. Versatility is facilitated by a wide range of accessories, which include a second sweep unit on the left with a swivelling wide-sweep roller brush. This makes it possible to cover a wider area at once. The telescopic unit also adds to its wide reach. Clients furthermore have the option to use a weed brush unit.

Ergonomics in design add to improved functionality with features such as the Power Sweep System (PSS) offering individual modules that communicate through a BUS system. As an alternative, the modules can communicate using mechanical components as well. Sophisticated instrumentation helps to carefully monitor operations. The sweeper trucks in this category are fitted with centre consoles featuring easy-to-read flat-screen displays. The controls are placed at the operator’s fingertips, helping to improve ergonomics and operational comfort. A separate control pod is located at the driver’s side door with a joystick and cable remote control for the various hopper functions.

Do not compromise on quality. Invest in the OptiFant 8000 sweeper trucks available from us, and benefit from low maintenance, optimal functionality, and low environmental impact of cleaning operations.