Terberg Yard Tractors for Terminals and Ports

Airport terminals and docks make use of specialised tractors for logistics and container transportation. These vehicles are specifically designed to offer the functionality that is required in such environments. Terberg is a leading manufacturer of these specialised vehicles and Toyota Forklift is a supplier of their vehicles in South Africa, giving your business a feasible option in this sector. We also offer an extensive range of warehouse material-handling equipment, with rental and fleet management options to choose from.

Terberg’s terminal tractors are purpose-built machines for moving and relocating heavy trailers and containers in specific work environments; these include airports, distribution centres, and transport depots, to name a few. These machines offer innovative designs and advanced functions to assist the operator in their task. Safety and efficiency are both key elements when working with heavy industrial machines; therefore, the operator must be safe and in total control when operating such a machine. If something goes wrong, the consequences can be very dangerous and costly.

Terberg’s Approach

Terminal Tractor

Terberg is a family-run business that focuses on producing industrial tractor models for various applications. Their approach revolves around safety and ease of operation for the drivers. The result is quality and reliable machines that can be used at a container terminal, airport, and the like. The cabin is designed to offer the necessary space and comfort for the operator to be completely at home when driving the machine. The cabin offers optimal visibility to ensure that the driver can clearly see what is going on around them and the inboard door adds another element of safety to the cabin.

The Terberg terminal tractor features a fully welded chassis frame. This frame is carefully designed to deliver an ideal combination of modular design, strength, weight, and accessibility. The cabin structure is manufactured using steel to ensure the best possible driver protection. Being recessed within the chassis frame, the cabin is protected against damage, optimising driver safety. Since these machines deal with heavy loads at the rear, the basic principle of counterbalancing still applies. As opposed to a standard counterbalanced truck, these machines have their counterweights added at the front of the vehicle instead of the rear.

The operator sits in a comfortable cabin that can be adjusted to fit their preferences. The front screen is curved to improve front visibility, while the rear cabin window is large too for a clear and unobstructed view. The steering console can be rotated through 180° to allow the driver to face the opposite direction as well. This handy function is ideal for reversing and hooking up heavy trailers. As a result, the Terberg terminal tractor range offers useful and functional machines for their respective applications. If you want safety, accessibility, and ease of operation in a single machine, this range will offer what you need.

Toyota Forklift is your first choice as a supplier of industrial lifting equipment. We offer terminal tractors from Terberg alongside our extensive selection of warehouse material handlers. For more on how we can give your business the edge with quality lifting equipment, browse our website for specifications.