With the new Toyota Forklift Rapid Response App, help is at your fingertips. It takes just three easy steps to download the new Toyota Forklift Rapid Response App for easy and efficient monitoring and logging of faults – from wherever you are.

The downloadable Toyota Forklift Rapid Response App is for use with Toyota Industrial Equipment’s complete range of best-in-class Toyota Forklift and BT materials handling equipment, further raising our industry-leading customer service standards.

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Step 1 – search for Toyota Forklift Rapid Response on the Google Play or Apple App store. Step 2 – download and install the Toyota Forklift Rapid Response App. Step 3 – register by completing the submission form and log in. Once approved, start exploring the benefits of online reporting of faults and enjoy faster response times, whether it be for a standard breakdown or an emergency.

Once registered, users follow a straightforward procedure to log a service with four sections – forklift information, service required, request details and upload photo (if required). Each of the four sections is contained on one page and has easy-to-use menus. The request details page has drop-down menus for brand, unit number and fleet number. There is also a general screen for comments.

In today’s challenging and cut-throat economic environment, we, the supplier and our customers, have to do things differently to remain competitive – using technology to improve our processes and streamline our operations. As a result, Toyota Forklift’s recently launched smart phone application, the Toyota Forklift Rapid Response App, is available as both Android and iPhone versions to enable customers to log service breakdowns on their mobile telephone touch screen. Not only does this speed up service requests, but, as customers can log faults by brand, type of forklift used and type of fault, this means that our service technician will arrive at your premises forearmed with this information and better equipped to diagnose and fix the problem.

The new Toyota Forklift Rapid Response App therefore ensures that help is always just an App away, harnessing the power of advanced information technology to ensure that your Toyota Forklift operations are fully optimised and fully supported.  When previously, you, the customer, had to call into our controller and wait for assistance – now you can can easily and quickly log your fault knowing that our technicians will be able to assist and respond more efficiently and quickly to the fault logged. And you can track our progress in this regard, wherever you are and while carrying out other activities.  The end result for you, the customer:  reduced downtime and increased efficiencies and productivity of your team. All of which translates into a healthier bottom line.

A best-in-class brand, Toyota Forklift is known for its commitment to ongoing innovation to improve the efficiency and safety of the machines. At the cutting edge of technology, Toyota Forklift’s smart business solutions, such as the Toyota Forklift Rapid Response App, blend wireless technology with ongoing support to make the management of your fleet that much easier, driving down costs, increasing productivity and improving the safety of operations.

As the sole distributor of Toyota Forklift, BT, Raymond and Flexi material handling equipment in Southern Africa, Toyota Industrial Equipment, part of the EIE Group, is the largest supplier of forklifts to the Southern African market and has the most comprehensive product support infrastructure in the region.

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