Fourteen electric powered forklifts handed over by Toyota Industrial Equipment, part of the EIE Group, to SRCC Addo Cold Store, are equipped with features that will assist the Eastern Cape cold storage company to reduce both total operational costs and potential damage to equipment.

The order from Addo Cold Store comprised 12 Toyota FBE18 forklifts and two Toyota Traigo forklifts, with the machines being deployed for packing of citrus fruit in chillers. The forklifts are equipped with Toyota’s patented and innovative I-site Fleet Management system, which provides fleet managers with the ability to optimize overall productivity, by monitoring parameters such as truck performance, truck and driver utilisation and battery status. Other features include the pre-operational check, which ensures that the truck is reliable and safe to use, while fleet managers have access to Toyota I_Site from anywhere, via both a mobile app and an easily accessible web portal.

Acknowledged as best in class material handling equipment, the forklifts have been supplied to SRCC Addo Cold Store fully supported by Toyota Industrial Equipment’s leading aftermarket support services. These include comprehensive driver training, the availability of a field service technician based in the area and in-house battery services and technician, and site inspection to assist the client in optimizing the materials handling layout.

The Toyota Traigo and FBE18 electric counterbalanced trucks offer a compact body and turning performance that make them easily maneuverable, even in narrow worksites. Operator friendly features provide a comfortable and smooth operation, while the energy efficiency from high-efficiency motors and motor-drivers increases the operating time by 20%. Toyota’s System of Active Stability (SAS) actively monitors key parameters of the truck’s performance, reducing the risk of possible accidents and maximising the amount of pallet movements. This allows operators to work safely while keeping productivity high throughout a working day.

“Toyota’s innovative technologies, which come standard with its forklift trucks, provide clients with efficient solutions to problems besetting many materials handling solutions, such as high operational costs and damage to trucks and chiller room racking,” says Gary Neubert, EIE Group’s CEO. “These technologies give our customers a significant competitive advantage with regard to cost management and increased productivity, adding real value to their businesses.”

As the sole distributor of Toyota Forklift, BT, Raymond and Flexi material handling equipment in Southern Africa, Eqstra Industrial Equipment (EIE), is the largest supplier of forklifts to the Southern African market and has the most comprehensive product support infrastructure in the region.  As a result, EIE is well positioned to offer the retail sector a total materials handling solution, based on exclusive distribution agreements for best-in-class brands.

For further information contact:
Vuyokazi Bangazi, GM