Value Added Services

The EIA training centres are the only TETA accredited training providers for forklifts in the Western Cape. TETA accreditation Number is TETA 06 – 116.  Services offered include:

  • Forklift Operator Training
  • Load Testing
  • Battery Bay Management

Apprentice Training

With growing shortage of skilled artisans in the country and industry, Eqstra embarked on the establishment of a Technical Training academy with the assistance of Merseta’s Accelerated Artisan Training Program (AATP) to assist in the training and providing skilled artisans to the company and industry as a whole.

The accelerated apprenticeship is a modern apprenticeship program that fast-tracks the artisan’s development through up-front institutional training until all competencies have been achieved in a simulation environment, followed by workplace exposure over the required number of weeks (80 to 90 weeks for metal related trades and 104 weeks for motor related trades) – and which culminates in a trade test to ensure competence.

For those who do not meet the stringent requirements of the AATP program, Eqstra provides the opportunity for learners to achieve a trade through the following programmes:

  • Section 13 (4 x yrs)
  • Atrami
  • Section 28

Toyota and BT STEP Training

Technicians have the opportunity to increase their technical expertise through the Senior Technician Educational Program (STEP).. This is an internationally recognised program with input from the relevant OEMs.

  • STEP 1 – Qualifying the Technician
  • STEP 2 – Expert Technician
  • STEP 3 – Master Technician (Both IC & Electrical)

Product Training

This includes technical, mechanical, electrical, servicing, lifting machine operator and troubleshooting repair modules for our product ranges.

Leadership Academy and Mentorship Programmes

In 2007 Eqstra Industrial Equipment (EIE) established a Leadership Academy to upskill all managers and supervisors and in 2010 Eqstra Holdings, in partnership with Wits Business School, expanded the service offering. This was to mitigate the shortage of competent managers throughout the group. Programs such as Certificate Program for Management Development (CPMD) and Certificate Program for Leadership development (CPLD) which are at NQF level 6 & 7 respectively have been implemented.

We believe that the investment in our human capital will contribute immensely to the growth of the company and increase the level of leadership skills in the country as a whole.

In 2011 EIE launched an Emerging Leaders program whereby non-managerial employees with leadership potential are trained in leadership skills, preparing them for supervisory and managerial roles that may become available in the future.

Every employee on one of the above mentioned programs is allocated a manager or executive as mentor.  Informal mentoring and coaching is ongoing, however there are approximately 125 individuals from EIE who are currently part of a formal mentoring program to ensure that the learning is embedded and the individual is successful in his or her future career with Eqstra.