Toyota Forklifts from EIE Group

Toyota has always been a trusted brand in automotive manufacturing. Their cars are reliable and durable, and the same is true for their forklifts. These machines are ideal for material-handling purposes in warehouses. Toyota forklifts offer an all-encompassing selection to suit your needs. These include diesel-powered models for outdoor applications and electric models that are ideal for cost-efficient indoor operation. EIE Group can supply your business with Toyota forklifts, along with the related services to keep your fleet running like clockwork.

Warehouse storage is a large part of most large commercial and industrial businesses. It provides for a safe storage location from where products and materials can be shipped and stored. To optimise warehousing operations, it is always necessary to employ a fleet of operational forklifts. Forklifts are designed to operate in close quarters. Not limited by narrow aisles, these machines can optimise floorspace in your warehouse facility. They are also useful to create high stacks and can reach the top of these stacks with ease. Speed and precision are needed from the operator and machine to deliver maximum efficiency.


Our Selection Toyota Forklifts

Toyota Forklift’s 8FG/8FD series offers a robust design. These machines are powered by diesel- or LPG-driven engines. It gives them the freedom to comfortably operate outdoors. To accommodate outside operation, these forklifts are available with a selection of cabin configurations to suit specific weather conditions. They have narrow yet stable bodies to optimise safety and lifting ability. They also offer tight turning radiuses to minimise the space required for manoeuvring. The series contains forklift models that have load capacity ratings of up to 8 t.

Electric passenger cars are becoming more popular thanks to the advancing EV technology allowing for sustainable and cost-effective running. The technology has long been used in forklifts and Toyota Forklift offers three ranges of electric lifting equipment to take advantage of running your fleet on battery power. These models are ideal for indoor applications. Toyota offers stand-in, 3-wheeled, and 4-wheeled ranges to suit your requirements. The stand-in 8FBRES models are simple in design and effective in operation. They offer fast responses and an unobstructed view from a standing position.

The 3-wheeled 8FBE series delivers a standardised narrow body design. The design concept puts a double-wheel in the middle of the rear end to accommodate the axle. This balances the body to achieve optimal lift and stability. These models can lift up to 2 t with a 500-mm load centre to ensure stability. The 4-wheeled 8FBN series offers an electrically operated forklift with a wider wheelbase to add even more stability. The four wheels are on the extreme corners of the forklift. This allows the forklift to manoeuvre easily while transporting a load. It also improves its stability while manoeuvring with a load.

We have a plethora of lifting-equipment solutions to take your business to the next level. Our range of warehouse-handling forklifts be just what you need for your warehouse operations. Whether you need outdoor-capable machines or cost-effective electric models, we can supply them. Choose EIE Group today and take full advantage of our extensive selection of Toyota forklifts.