An exclusive blend of wireless technology and ongoing support, Toyota I_Site is an optional feature on the Toyota and BT range of forklift trucks that has been enthusiastically welcomed by industry, as it makes the management of a fleet much easier, driving down costs, increasing productivity and improving the safety of operations. The Toyota and BT range is marketed by the Toyota Forklift division of the EIE Group.

Now also available as a mobile app, Toyota I_Site is an intelligent fleet management solution that combines state-of-the-art technology with information collected directly from the material handling fleet, in addition to offering specialist advice. It helps fleet managers improve their material handling operation, by providing the ability to understand vehicle status, driver performance, and overall productivity. Parameters such as truck performance, truck and driver utilisation and battery status are monitored, while the system also authorises drivers on specific machines and denies them access if their licence has expired.

Toyota I_Site incorporates the latest advances in connectivity to give access to a fleet situation from anywhere via both a mobile app and an easily accessible web portal. The downloadable Toyota I_Site mobile app enables fleet managers to control forklift operations, wherever they are, and while carrying out other activities. By receiving vital information such as truck impacts and failed pre-op checks directly to their smartphone, fleet managers can take decisions and act quickly to reduce time lost, including reactivating trucks remotely if an incident occurs.

The Toyota I_Site web portal provides customers with critical real-time information about their forklift fleet, while the user-friendly dashboard can be customised to a user’s personal preference. This provides an instant overview of indicators that are important to the operation, enabling in-depth factual analysis and development of efficient plans of action.

Other features of Toyota I_Site include the pre-operational check, which ensures that the truck is reliable and safe to use. Shock sensors and shock lockout, shock notifications, and supervisor lockout notifications are further safety features offered by the system.

“Toyota I_Site is an advanced fleet management business solution that helps companies identify and address operational issues on a daily basis, while also looking at broader issues – such as fleet optimisation – from a more long-term, strategic point of view,” says Gary Neubert, EIE Group’s CEO. “Toyota’s innovative technologies, such as the I_Site solution, have set a benchmark in the market for improved productivity and safety.

Toyota Forklift’s best-in-class Toyota Forklift and BT forklift trucks are supported by a comprehensive range of services, which includes long and short-term rentals, parts supply, service and maintenance contracts, sales of new and used equipment and parts and operator driver training.

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