Toyota’s Finest Materials-Handling Equipment for Your Warehouse

Toyota is a brand that is known for reliable vehicles and parts. Now, we deliver that reliability and brand conviction in the industrial sector as well with their selection of materials-handling equipment for storage facilities and warehouses. Our ranges address different work environments to ensure that you are able to assemble a fleet that is ideal for your warehouse. We also offer fleet rental options, as well as a smart fleet-management system to boost the safety and efficiency of your fleet.

Many businesses have their own storage facilities that house products. These facilities require a fleet of materials-handling machinery that can easily lift, transport, stack, and store these products. Toyota offers various ranges that can take your warehousing operations to a new level of efficiency and functionality. With our adaptive rental options, your business can take advantage of having the ideal number of lift trucks in your fleet throughout different business periods. If business is slow, the fleet size can be reduced. Should business pick up, the fleet size can be increased.

Our Selection of Forklifts

3 wheel electric forkliftThe Toyota 8-Series delivers the best that we have on offer in terms of warehouse materials-handling equipment. This series includes a large variety of machines. We start with the 8 FG/FD models that are ideal for outdoor use. These machines feature internal-combustion engines that are powered by either petrol or diesel, dependent on the model. They also feature a selection of outdoor cabins for different weather conditions. Their wheels and tyres allow them to traverse rough and uneven terrain. Therefore, they are ideal for outdoor applications such as loading pallets onto flatbeds.

The 8-Series also includes a selection of electric Toyota warehouse materials-handling forklifts. Since internal-combustion engines produce emissions that can be harmful indoors, electric lift trucks address this problem. We offer a stand-in range that is tall and narrow. This allows operators fast and easy access to the cabin for quick turnaround times. The standing position also increases overall visibility for the operator. These forklifts are ideal for light-duty applications indoors.

We also offer a 3-wheeled design that could make a difference in your facility. The 3-wheeled range features a unique design. The operator drives this machine from a seated position as opposed to standing in it. The rear wheels are mounted in the centre of the rear of the vehicle instead of on the corners. Since the front end of the forklift is doing all the lifting, the wheels are fixed to keep the front end stable. These materials-handling machines offer optimal manoeuvrability and stability by relegating the steering duties to the rear wheels. Therefore, the rear end of the forklift can be easily manoeuvred to ensure that the front end points in the right direction.

Toyota Forklift is your all-inclusive supplier of warehouse materials-handling equipment. We offer internal-combustion and electric options to suit your needs. We also offer fleet-rental and -management options to make life easier for your business. For more on how we can boost your business’s productivity to new heights, please browse our website for details today.