Pallet-Lifting Equipment for Your Warehouse

Warehouses normally employ a fleet of forklifts in their daily operations. Forklifts prioritise function over form to get the job done; however, they are not specifically designed to deal with pallets, so lift jacks can be a sensible solution when having to handle these materials. But we offer an even better solution. Our range of Toyota pallet trucks will ensure that your fleet has the right equipment to deal with large, heavy, or awkwardly shaped containers and stacks.

Offering a low centre of gravity during a lift, our Toyota pallet trucks will deliver on both safety and efficiency. These warehouse material handlers are an excellent addition to any forklift fleet and they can do more than forklifts can in certain applications. Since counterbalanced lift trucks normally perform vertical lifts, they are not ideal for large quantities of building materials, because such a load can unbalance a high-lift machine, whereas our solution keeps the weight much closer to the ground, giving you have maximum lifting and transportation stability.

Our Selection

BT Pallet Truck LargeWe supply a comprehensive range of warehouse material-handling equipment to our clients. Our in-house Toyota brand features a variety of machines, including internal-combustion and electric forklifts, reach stackers, and pallet trucks. With the Toyota badge on them, you can be assured of manufacturing quality that will deliver optimal and dependable performance for years on end. By adding various types of lifting equipment to your arsenal, your storage facility can be geared to handle all manner of materials with ease, so you can stock many types of materials and products without limitations on shelving and stacking. It also helps you optimise your warehouse’s floor space. What is more, we offer both sales and rental options.

Hand-pallet trucks are commonly used to transport heavy material caches quickly and efficiently to a flatbed for transportation to a worksite. Toyota offers walk-behind versions that are easy to operate. The BT range can handle between 750 kg and 3 t, making these models ideal for light- to medium-duty loft applications. Covering a broad range of applications, these machines are ideal for handling building materials and light vehicles. They can also be used for low-level order picking in a storage facility with high shelves. Therefore, your reach stackers can operate at height and your walk-behind lifters can do the work on ground level.

If you want a more sophisticated Toyota pallet truck that is covered by an extremely impressive guarantee and offers superb functionality, the BT Pro Lifter L-series holds the answer. This walk-behind lifter can handle a maximum of 2,3 t and it can even weigh the load while transporting it. With a 67% reduction in the pushing force required to start moving, the L-series maximises efficiency and ease of use for operators. This pallet truck comes with an unusual lifetime guarantee; in fact, the BT Lifter LHM230 has a lifetime 99-year guarantee covering the fork frame. Toyota certainly offers market-leading quality and peace of mind.

Toyota Forklift is your supplier of high-quality warehouse material-handling equipment. From basic forklifts to smart pallet trucks, we can supply a wide selection of machinery for your storage facility. For more information on our machines, please browse our website for specifications and brochures.