A Large Range of Toyota Reach Stackers Available from EIE Group 

Most businesses rely on large warehouse facilities to provide the necessary floor space for the storage of their palleted products. However, not every business can afford large premises or a storage facility may have run out of available floor space. Although it seems inevitable, you might not have to find a larger and more expensive facility that offers more space. Toyota Forklift offers a range of reach stackers that can maximise the floor space in your facility by allowing you to use more vertical space.

Aisle layout plays an important role in optimising floor space in such a facility. As is so often the case, going upwards can make available a lot more storage space on the same footprint. Reach stackers are the machines you will need to utilise this unused vertical space. Warehouses have large open-floor designs with few supports to maximise every square metre – but what about the clear air overhead? This void can be filled with higher shelves and taller stacks.

Reaching New Heights

FRE270 FOUR WAY REACH TRUCKForklifts are designed to lift goods vertically and can be found in all warehouses. However, their vertical reach can be limited and this is where the selection of Toyota stackers that we have available can make a difference in your daily operations. We have walk-behind, platform, and cabin trucks to choose from, depending on the needs of your business. These machines feature tall vertical shafts to allow the lifter to reach really high up. With such machines at your disposal, your facility can comfortably extend the vertical reach of shelves and stacked pallets to use the free space created by a tall roof.

Our reach trucks are available in various capacity ratings to ensure that your business can get the ideal models for the job. The design of the vehicle body allows the operator the necessary visibility to stack pallets high. It also ensures the stability of the vehicle during maximum-capacity lifts. We also offer an outdoor series that is ideal for outdoor environments with weather-protected cabins to keep the operator comfortable. Our 7000 Series adds a horizontal extension element to the lift fork, extending the machines’ functionality beyond vertical reach. They are ideal for deep shelving at high levels.

The range of Toyota walk-behind and platform stackers we have available is designed for ease of access and fast turnaround times. These machines can be operated on the fly and deliver fast and easy access at height. Their biggest advantage is their low centre of gravity, ensuring that they stay stable during lifts. They might not be able to reach that high but they offer more stability and can function as low-level order pickers as well. If you want to make the most of vertical space in your warehouse, these machines can help you do it.

Toyota Forklift is your one-stop supplier of warehouse material-handling equipment. Ranging from conventional forklifts to articulated reach stackers, the range of machines we have available can make a big difference in your warehouse. For more information on how we can take your warehouse to the next, higher level, please browse our website for specifications on our machinery.