Your Supplier of Truck-Mounted Cranes

Truck-mounted cranes are fairly new in comparison to the trusty counterbalance-type cranes. Counterbalanced cranes had their birth millenniums ago, while truck-mounted knuckle booms were invented far more recently. Thanks to the leaps and bounds of progress that mechanical engineering made, we can rely on more effective machinery to get the job done today. EIE Group is a truck-mounted crane supplier in South Africa. Our selection covers two brands that can offer useful solutions for your business.

Architecture and construction date back to the beginning of intelligent civilisations on earth. Simpler civilisations used mud, rocks, and other materials found in nature to build structures. Intellectual civilisations such as the Greeks and Romans had a different approach. They cast heavy stone, gold, and other materials into building blocks for their structures. As a result, they needed a viable solution to lift these building blocks. The counterbalanced crane was born in answer to the demand of lifting heavy materials to desired heights. Times have changed since then, yet we keep on developing better and more effective industrial machinery.


Truck-Mounted Cranes Defined

As a truck-mounted crane supplier, EIE Group offers a wide spectrum of these cranes. A truck-mounted crane usually features a knuckle-boom design, which breaks away from the conventional counterbalance-type design. Instead, a knuckle boom follows a more simplistic approach to lifting and generating lifting force. The body is manufactured from strong and robust materials used to create the sections of the crane. These sections are linked together to create a finger-like structure that can fold into itself and reach out. Hence, they are called knuckle booms.

Their lifting capabilities are not to be underestimated. Unlike a counterbalanced crane, a truck-mounted knuckle boom crane is mounted at its base. From here, the necessary lifting force is generated to achieve lift. With the knuckle boom design comes a list of benefits compared to stationary counterbalance models. Usually, a vehicle is stationary during lifting. This is also advised with a truck-mounted crane, but the picture changes once the load is on the truck itself. A knuckle boom can reach out and fold back into itself. Therefore, once the truck is loaded, the crane simply folds away, and the load is instantly ready for transport.

Our range of Fassi and Penz models delivers all your need from a truck-mounted crane supplier. Fassi puts the focus on delivering a versatile piece of lifting equipment that can be mounted onto the back of your work truck. These cranes range from light- to heavy-duty models with lifting capacities to match their sizes. Penz Crane, on the other hand, puts the focus on the recycling and forestry industries. Their selection of knuckle booms is ideal for these sectors and provides practical ways to reduce loading times. Therefore, you are spoilt for choice when looking for a viable solution regarding truck-mounted cranes.

EIE Group has a large selection of industrial solutions for your business, including the supply of truck-mounted cranes. If you need more information, our website has documentation and detailed specifications on these machines. Choose EIE Group for your business and let us give you the necessary tools to take your business to the next level.