Truck-Mounted Cranes

Cranes for Construction Purposes

Truck-mounted cranes come in a variety of designs and sizes. Some are mobile, allowing them to be mounted and dismounted from trucks. Others are permanently mounted on to industrial machines that make provision for them. The construction industry has always used cranes; in fact, this industry invented the crane to begin with. Fortunately, the crane has evolved from being a stationary counterbalanced pivot into a variety of mobile and stationary industrial machines and structures. We specialise in delivering mobile lifting equipment for a variety of applications.

We offer a range of Link-Belt truck-mounted cranes that are designed for a wide range of applications in the industrial sector. Lattice-boom cranes have high load capacities and offer versatility to suit various industries. Most of these cranes also feature off-road capability, adding to their versatility and viability for many businesses in industry. Today, we will briefly glance over our selection of Link-Belt truck-mounted cranes and see why they can lift your business to new heights.


The Link-Belt Difference

Stability is one of the key elements for any truck-mounted crane. With mobility as an advantage, the truck needs to counterbalance the weight evenly for optimal stability during lifting and load transportation. Therefore, a heavy body is required to allow for a high load capacity. Link-Belt’s all-terrain cranes have hefty bodies with self-levelling pivot extension arms to achieve an optimal weight balance and maximise stability during heavy lifts. This range offers two models, with the ATC-3275 offering a maximum lift capacity of 250 t and a tip height of 350 m. The lattice boom can extend to a maximum of 68 m for a large operating radius while stationary.

We also feature a rough-terrain truck-mounted crane from Link-Belt. This machine has smooth and accurate hydraulic control over its lattice-boom crane. With a modular approach to crane attachments, this truck offers versatility, along with off-road capability to deliver a compact and versatile crane. The RTC-8030 Series II can handle a maximum lifting capacity of 30 t. It features a lattice boom in four sections, able to extend to a maximum length of 27,8 m. The maximum tip height of this lattice boom is 43,6 m.

For a more versatile approach, Link-Belt offers a telescopic crawler crane. This truck-mounted lattice-boom crane runs on crawler tracks to allow for all-terrain efficiency. Therefore, control over the vehicle is more accurate and precise on rough and uneven terrain. With an ergonomic design, visibility is improved for the operator, as well as comfort in the cabin. We offer five models in this range, with the TCC – 1100 capable of lifting 100 t. This machine ahs a 5-section lattice boom that can extend to a maximum length of 45,7 m. Its operating weight clocks in at 100 471 kg to accommodate its impressive lifting capacity.

Toyota Forklift offers a variety of industrial lifting equipment to suit your business needs. Whether it is truck-mounted cranes or warehouse material handlers, we can provide the necessary lift trucks for your work environment. Please contact us today for any further information.

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