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Stand in Powered Pallet Truck – 8900

The Raymond 8900 Rider Pallet Truck is equipped with the ACR System to help you move more with longer battery life, less downtime and a lower cost of ownership. With durable construction, PowerSteer and features to simplify maintenance.

Battery Capacity
24V 2721kg or 3630kg

Center Rider powered Pallet Truck – PT8510

The Raymond 8510 rider pallet jack delivers outstanding operator comfort and control and optimum performance for heavy-duty order picking applications and long distance horizontal transport tasks. And, with advanced engineering and the ACR System, it also uses less energy for a lower cost of operation.

Battery Capacity
24V 2721kg or 3630kg

Ride on Powered Pallet Truck – PT8410

This pallet jack is versatile enough to do it all – from dock work and horizontal transport to low-level order picking, this heavy-duty electric pallet truck delivers energy efficiency, less downtime and lower maintenance costs.

Battery Capacity
24V 2720kg or 3630kg

Heavy Duty Walk Behind Powered Pallet Truck – PT8310

The 8310 walkie pallet truck is a durable workhorse designed to load and unload trailers with ease in heavy-duty applications. With ergonomic controls, sturdy forks and durable construction throughout, your operators will move pallets with ease. Customize with extreme environment and cold storage packages.

Battery Capacity
24V 2720kg or 3630kg

Walk Behind Powered Pallet Truck – PT8210

The Raymond 8210 powered pallet truck with AC power provides unparalleled maneuverability to navigate in tight spaces – congested store aisles, busy docks and pinwheeling in the back of trailers.

Battery Capacity
24V 2040kg


Counter Balance Walk Behind Stacker – RCS

The RCS Walkie Counterbalanced pallet stackers provide versatile, efficient and reliable pallet stacking capabilities. The RCS walkie counterbalanced trucks are ideal for working in trailers, boxcars or with racks. Heavy-duty construction and on-board diagnostics make the RCS walkie easy to maintain and economical to own.

Battery Capacity Elevated Height
24V 910kg, 1360kg, 1815kg 4800mm

Pantographic Reach Stacker – RRS

With the Raymond RRS walkie reach pallet stacker, do the job in less time for less money. This highly maneuverable pallet stacker is the perfect vehicle for retail storage areas, weight restricted elevators and floors, and other specialized operations.

Battery Capacity Elevated Height
24V 1360kg 4800mm

Fixed Leg Stacker – RSS

With the Raymond RSS 22/30/40 walkie straddle stacker trucks, you can save valuable cycle time with drive-in-access to pallets and easy-to-operate controls. A load-sensing torsion bar suspension provides easier steering, and modular components.

Battery Capacity Elevated Height
24V 1000kg, 1360kg, 1815kg 4800mm

Walk Behind Adjustable Leg Stacker – 6210

The Raymond 6210 Walkie Pallet Stacker features an adjustable baseleg design that makes it a smart, economical solution for moving multiple pallet sizes.  The 6210 stacker truck allows you to better utilize your vertical storage, off-load pallets from the end or sides of trailers and navigate…

Battery Capacity Elevated Height
24V 900kg and 1133kg 3632mm

Order Pickers

Order Picker – 5400 \ 5500 \ 5600 OPC

The Raymond 5400 \ 5500 \ 5600 Orderpicker trucks excels in busy applications. Our 5000 Series Orderpickers are built to perform for superior results, with ergonomic, intuitive controls, wide pick windows and a clear view mast design to improve order picking productivity.

Battery Capacity Elevated Height Motor System
24 36V 1360kg Up to 9900mm AC Drive & Lift Motors

Order Picker – 5200 OPC

Speed and efficiency are the keys to order picking productivity. With Raymond’s 5000 Series order picker trucks, you get the best of both. With our exclusive ACR System, ergonomic controls and high performance, you can count on years of dependable service.

Battery Capacity Elevated Height
24V 1360kg 6120mm

Low Level Order Picker – PT8720

The Raymond 8720 Low Level Order Picker pallet truck is raising expectations with unrivaled durability and an exclusive design to handle market demands. Customers can optimize utilization and handle the ever growing SKU growth consumers demand.

Battery Capacity Lift Height Fork Length
24V 2721kg or 3630kg 1194mm Single, Double and Triple Configurations

Turret Trucks

Swing-Reach Turret Truck – 9600 / 9700

The Raymond Swing-Reach turret trucks provides case picking and high-level pallet handling versatility in very narrow aisle applications. The 9600 turret forklift allows you to maximize your storage capacity with an advanced solution that delivers a significant cost savings to your operations.

Battery Capacity Elevated Height
48V 1360kg 10000 / 13055mm

Side Loader

Side loader – Model 9300/9400

Raymond Sideloader long load forklift trucks provide superior maneuverability that allows operators to more easily move long, cumbersome loads such as bar stock, tubing, laminates and plywood sheets and stacking them.

Battery Capacity Elevated Height
48V 5500kg 9.3m

Reach Trucks

Seated / Stand-in Reach truck- 7700 / 7720 Models

The Raymond 7700 Sit/Stand Reach-Fork truck enhances operator comfort in narrow aisle applications with long travel distances. The sit down Reach truck allows the operator to change positions for postural relief over the course of a shift.

Battery Capacity Elevated Height
36V 1587kg to 2041kg 11277mm

Universal / Dockstance Reach Truck – 7500 Model

Raymond 7500 Reach truck; has an exclusive Universal Stance design and patented open view mast, the 7500 narrow aisle forklift provides greater visibility whether traveling or load handling, and is ideal for narrow aisle and high rack applications.

Battery Capacity Elevated Height
36V 1587 - 2041kg 11277mm

Deep Reach 7000 Series

Deep Reach forklift trucks save two out of five aisles versus single deep storage, allowing double-deep pallet storage in the racks for increased storage density.

Battery Elevated Height Capacity
24 / 36V 11277mm 1450kg

Reach Truck – 7000 Series

Raymond Reach-Fork trucks are engineered to fit your narrow aisle application with multiple configurations and smaller battery compartment options to right-size your operation and reduce energy costs.

Battery Elevated Height Capacity
24V / 36V Up to 7645mm 1360 - 2041kg

Tow Tractors

Tow Tractor – 8610

The 8610 Tow Tractor is engineered to handle high volume transport and order picking tasks with ease. The height-adjustable handle and standard PowerSteer puts the operator in control in our comfortable compartment.

Battery Capacity
24V 4535kg

Stand in Counter Balance Forklift

Stand in Counter Balance Forklift – 4150 / 4250

The Raymond 4150 Stand Up Forklift is easy to operate and maneuver in dock and warehouse applications. With 3,000 and 3,500 load capacities, this versatile counterbalance truck is suited to get rough dock jobs done.

Battery Capacity
36V Up to 2267kg
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