The Port Handling Division, a division of the EIE Group, is supplying the first Terberg tractor type hauler to be deployed at a distribution centre in South Africa to the diversified supply chain company, Unitrans.

The Terberg YT 182 tractor type hauler is a specialised truck for manouevring pre-load trailers at the Pick’nPay Longmeadow DC, Gauteng. The contract, which was confirmed in late June 2018, covers supply, outright purchase, and maintenance, and is the first to be received from Unitrans.

Known for their build quality, Terberg Special Vehicles are customised for the application, with the Terberg YT182 series of yard tractors having proven themselves to be more appropriate for trailer shunting than conventional road tractors. For example, they have an optimised driveline and gearbox, while their lifting fifth wheel saves time as trailers can be shunted without raising the landing legs. The high reliability and fuel efficiency of Terberg units come to the fore in these applications where they often have to work around the clock.

Designed for optimal ergonomics, tthe Terberg yard tractor offers a spacious and comfortable driver’s cab with excellent visibility and an inboard door for safety and convenience.

“We are proud to add such a well established and respected brand as Unitrans to our customer reference list, and look forward to building on this relationship in line with our commitment to building partnerships for life,” commented Gary Neubert, EIE Group’s CEO. “We believe the contract was won due to the well known reliabilty of our best-in-class vehicles, combined with our after-sales support, making us the partner of choice in the industrial sector.”

Toyota Industrial Equipment offers a comprehensive suite of tailormade Terberg tractors, covering both  4×4 and 4×2 yard and Ro Ro tractors, suitable for a wide range of industries from container terminals to distribution centres and transport depots. The vehicles are backed up by the most comprehensive product support infrastructure in the region.

Lenny Naidoo