Warehouse Forklifts for Sale and Rent

If your business has a storage facility, chances are good that you have a fleet of material-handling equipment to take care of daily operations. Such a fleet is a significant but necessary expense for most businesses. However, it might be time to replace some of the old machines in your fleet with new ones. We are suppliers of warehouse forklifts and we offer an extensive selection for sale to suit your needs. Our range ensures that you can always get the right machines for the job at hand. Whether you have a large facility with lots of open space or looking for a solution to maximise floor space in a smaller building, we can be of assistance.

Normally, warehouses offer ample unobstructed floor space. This style of building is common and in them, you will usually find a fleet of indoor counterbalanced trucks to tote around goods. They scurry through the aisles, lifting and moving goods, pallets, or products all day long. We have indoor and outdoor options for sale and rent to our clients, catering to their specific needs, beyond the basic functions of forklifts.

Finding the Ideal Option

Toyota pre-owned forkliftWhen buying a car, people assess how they want to use the car and how it will function within their daily routine. A bachelor can drive a 2-door sports car, while a corporate manager with a family would be better off with a 4-door saloon or SUV. The same concept applies to businesses looking at the many warehouse forklifts for sale. You must match the vehicle to the specific requirements of your storage facility. That is why we offer a large range for sale to choose from, giving you every option to find the ideal match for your business.

Indoor counterbalanced trucks have electric battery-powered engines to eliminate dangerous exhaust emissions from internal-combustion engines that can become trapped in a building. These trucks serve as effective and reliable machines for your storage facility. Reach stackers increase the reach of a forklift by adding an extended vertical shaft to the front of the truck. The models available from Flexi demonstrate the effectiveness of an articulated reach stacker to maximise floor space and ease operations in confined spaces. These stackers can stack pallets high to optimise the utilisation of vertical space in your warehouse.

Outdoor forklifts and counterbalanced trucks are used outdoors where a longer range is required and emissions are not a problem. We offer the Toyota 8FG/FD range for sale to businesses needing an outdoor solution. Most warehouses are indoors, but some businesses require outdoor and off-road functionality for their fleets. These are present in the 8FG/FD series and these models also feature a selection of outdoor cabins to suit various weather conditions. They are powered by diesel or petrol, dependent on the model. Their off-road ability also makes them versatile and practical in construction and mining environments.

Toyota Forklift is your supplier of warehouse material-handling equipment in Gauteng. We offer an extensive range of reach stackers, pallet trucks, and conventional counterbalanced trucks for sale. For more information on our available models, please browse our website for specifications and digital brochures.