Reach Stackers for Your Warehouse

The most valuable thing in a warehouse is the available floor space. Storage facilities normally feature open-floor layouts that are divided into aisles for the most effective use of floor space. With such layouts come high roofs, which creates a large area of void space between the shelves and the roof. It stands to reason that higher stacks and shelves make more efficient use of this void. And to get to all the goods packed on those high shelves, you need reach trucks in your material-handler fleet.

Reach trucks extend the vertical limits of regular forklifts by extending the upward movement of the front-mounted fork. This allows for stacking to go higher and utilise the extra headroom in order to use less overall floor space. Toyota Forklift specialises in warehouse material-handling equipment, with a large selection of different forklifts, pallet trucks, and stackers to choose from. If your storage facility needs more room, a stacker can deal with the high shelves that come with the territory.

Our Selection of Stackers

Reach TruckStackers are generally unique in design to compensate for their increased reach. These trucks commonly have a reinforced shaft for the fork at the front. This shaft increases the vertical movement and ensures a more stable lift at height. We offer walk-behind stackers that can be a fast solution to lift smaller and lighter loads and pallets. We also offer forklifts designed for stacking. Although it is more difficult to properly stack a tall pile of pallets, it can instantly free up floor space in your facility.

Flexi delivers a selection of articulated reach stackers that will fit right into your current line-up of warehouse counterbalanced trucks. Fork articulation gives these machines a big advantage over other stackers. The independent fork steering assists the operator in being more accurate during lifting, stacking, and retrieving goods from a high stack or shelf. The forks also feature their own shafts for extended vertical reach and stability at height. Fork articulation also means that these machines can manoeuvre through confined spaces and operate in narrow aisles. Therefore, they are ideal for almost any storage facility, adapting to the available floor space and maximising it with taller stacks.

If your warehouse is packed to the brim and you need a solution, our selection of reach trucks can maximise your current floor layout and deliver an alternative method of storage. Tall stacks are tricky to handle with regular forklifts but with an articulated stacker in your fleet, this task becomes a lot easier. We offer a range of Flexi equipment to ensure that you can find the ideal model for your storage facility. The HiMAX maximises the vertical movement and reach of the fork, while the HiLOAD optimises the load capacity of the forklift.

Toyota Forklift is your supplier of warehouse material-handling equipment. We offer a wide range of forklifts, reach trucks, and pallet trucks to meet the needs of your storage facility. For more on our selection, please browse our website for details on every available range of machinery. We also offer industrial cleaning and power solutions to keep the gears turning in your facility.