Waste Management Equipment from EIE Group

South Africans are used to the municipal waste-compactor trucks in the streets once a week to collect our garbage bins and remove the garbage from residential areas. Waste-compactor trucks are ubiquitous across the world as waste-management equipment, granting a practical and efficient way to drive through the streets and collect garbage bins, effectively clearing a whole area’s waste with a single compactor to easily transport it to a designated dumping site.

When it comes to finding quality waste-management equipment, EIE Group offers a variety of vehicles to choose from, including a couple of waste compactors that are perfect for meeting South Africa’s municipal requirements. Waste-compactor trucks rarely get in the spotlight as industrial and commercial vehicles go, but nobody can deny their efficiency as proper waste-management equipment for cities. Today, we will focus on the waste-compactor trucks available from EIE Group, starting with the Orakci ORV Series.

Orakci’s ORV Series offers viable waste management equipment for challenging South African conditions. With a climate that can produce extremes of temperatures, it is wise to have vehicles that can handle anything the weather can mete out. Orakci features two models in their ORV range that not only offer viable waste-management equipment but can also withstand harsh weather and work conditions. The ORV-313 has a body size of 13 m³, with a hopper capacity of 1,5 m³, and a vehicle length of 7503 mm to deliver a compact vehicle design that can easily get the job of compacting and transporting waste done. The ORV-415 serves as a bigger brother to the 313, with an increase to the overall body volume that clocks in at 15 m³. Its hopper volume 2 m³ and the overall body inside dimension comes in at 3270 x 2120 x 2160 mm, as opposed to 3400 x 2097 x 1716 mm for the ORV-313. We also offer Usimeca waste compactor trucks, with two series of models to choose from, should the ORV series not pique your interest.

Apart from waste compactors, we also offer street-cleaning and -maintenance vehicles from Bucher Schörling and hook lifts from Marrel for a comprehensive approach to waste management equipment solutions. The Bucher Schörling range includes a selection of road sweepers that feature high-pressure washing systems to ensure that the streets can be properly cleaned once swept, starting with the CITYFANT 5000. This model features a 1900-ℓ water tank and a high-pressure to blast away any leftover rubbish and debris on the surface and its hopper is made of chromium steel to complement its rigid frame.

When it comes to a comprehensive approach to waste management equipment, EIE Group offers viable products to almost any requirement, whether it is waste compactors or road sweepers, to come to the rescue when you are shopping for the best equipment. EIE Group is the answer to all your industrial and commercial vehicle and equipment needs, including our wide selection of waste-management vehicles. For more information on our equipment, feel free to peruse our website for specifications and images on every piece of equipment, or contact us directly with any enquiries.