EIE Group Hires Out Forklifts

Industrial machinery can be a very expensive venture for businesses. With price tags that reflect the specialist nature of these machines, they are costly to buy outright. Once bought, they need to be maintained and regularly serviced as well. Most established industrial companies have storage facilities to house their materials and products. For a storage facility to operate at optimal levels, it needs the appropriate lifting equipment, and forklifts are the nimble machines they use that can operate in narrow aisles and restricted spaces.

We offer a selection of forklifts to suit your company’s requirements. Our selection covers a variety of brands, including Toyota Forklift, BT, Flexi, Raymond, and JCB. EIE Group is where you can hire a forklift fleet for your warehouse at flexible and cost-effective rates. Forklift hire provides a sensible solution for putting a fleet in your storage facility. The process avoids large initial purchasing costs, and with EIE on your side, you get some added benefits as well.


Where to Hire A Forklift

Ownership of industrial equipment carries costly risks. Maintenance and repairs will always fall on the owner to pay for, unless still covered by a warranty. With a full fleet of forklifts, these costs can add up to a lot. An easy way to avoid them is to hire a forklift fleet instead. EIE Group offers forklift hire where we take the risks of ownership off your shoulders. Therefore, you do not need to worry about servicing and maintaining your equipment. During busy business periods, we can easily supply more machines, while reducing your fleet size for quiet times. With flexibility and quality equipment, EIE Group is where to hire a forklift fleet for your business.

Our selection of forklifts covers a large area of specialties. Our range of Toyota Forklift models offer both diesel- and electric-powered forklifts to suit your requirements. The diesel series is tailored for outdoor applications, offering rough-terrain ability and a selection of outdoor cabin configurations to choose from for specific weather conditions. The electric models offer stand-in, 3-wheeled, and 4-wheeled variants for varied uses. These models are meant for indoor use and have fast turn-around times. Now, your hired fleet can consist of a variety of forklifts to suit every application at your storage facility.

To add to our comprehensive selection, we also offer a fleet-management system when hiring a forklift fleet. This system optimises safety, performance, and cost-efficiency. Collecting information from every individual forklift, this management system keeps you informed on every aspect of the machines. As a direct result, you can easily access operator information, battery levels, and other useful information from a central hub. In combination with our flexible forklift-hire options, we offer a viable solution for companies in need of cost-effective warehouse material handlers. In conclusion, we cover every aspect of quality forklift hire to offer a complete package for businesses.

EIE Group offers a wide selection of industrial equipment, where you can hire a forklift fleet at reasonable rates. For more information on our selection of forklifts and details surrounding our forklift-hire options, please contact us directly. Choose EIE Group today for all your industrial equipment needs.