Purchasing a forklift is a large investment, often significantly increasing operational and project budgets. Although there are numerous benefits for purchasing a forklift, the majority of businesses nowadays are thriving with forklift hire.  When you hire a Toyota Forklift via our company, this is accompanies with dedicated support, regular maintenance and repairs as well as guaranteed safety compliance that achieves significant cost efficiencies for your business.

For this reason, many businesses are turning towards hiring a forklift as a preferred option because of the significant benefits.  A few of which are:


1.  Renting a forklift = minimal investment costs

The solution of forklift hire is ideal as it does not cripple your business’ cash flow.  For smaller businesses, this is beneficial as it avoids having to pay additional costs associated with interest payments on your investment.  By renting a forklift, extra funds can be used for business growth opportunities.


2.  No forklift repair and maintenance costs

To ensure your forklift is safe to use and in optimal condition, regular forklift repairs and maintenance are imperative.  Your forklift’s lifespan is extended when caring for it properly. With Toyota forklift rentals, you avoid the regular maintenance expense as we do the maintenance and repairs for you.


3.  Avoid forklift storage and transport worries

Hiring a forklift relieves the burden of dedicating short to long-term storage solutions. Although storage may not be an immediate concern, continuous exposure to the elements of sun, rain and win can degrade the quality and longevity of your forklift, which leads to increased wear, tear and maintenance costs including the risk of operational downtime. With Toyota forklift rentals, you can rest assured that our forklifts are stored correctly, and are ready to use when you need them.

Transport logistics from site to site is also simplified allowing your project managers not to worry about trying to coordinate and transport multiple pieces of machinery for one particular job.


4.  Meet compliance issues easily

Owning a forklift comes with an array of industry-standard safety and compliance regulations that your business must comply with.  Toyota Industrial Equipment takes care of this for you, providing all relevant documentation, including the renewal of expired licences and load testing through to forklift driver and product training programmes.


5.  Access to a variety of forklifts

At Toyota Industrial Equipment, we offer a wide range of reliable, versatile, high performance and powerful forklifts that will meet your business requirements.  Our range consist of 3 and 4-wheel diesel and electric forklifts available for rent and suitable for indoor and outdoor applications.


6.  Access to expert support, products and services

As industry leaders in forklift and related material handing products, services and support we are the partner of choice across a wide range of industries. Our offering include access to genuine spare parts, engineering workshops, rebuilding forklift components to 24/7 hydraulic field services, product training and more.  All of which come hand-in-hand when hiring a Toyota forklift.

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