Industrial Power, a division of the EIE Group, provides battery solutions for all industrial truck operations, from simple applications with a low capacity loading up to heavy duty multi-shift work. Marketing the best-in-class battery solution as well as offering high levels of power and reliability across its range, Industrial Power supports the industrial and material handling equipment supplied by its sister divisions in the EIE Group, as well as equipment supplied by other companies.

The global-leading EnerSys batteries marketed by Industrial Power cover a range of five models to ensure that clients can select the most suitable for their specific application, from virtually maintenance free batteries, to batteries suitable for both low and heavy-duty applications.

Building on the success of the Hawker Water Less technology, the Waterless 2.0 range provides even longer intervals between topping up, up to 20 weeks in normal duty applications, saving water, time and reducing labour costs. Cost effectiveness is optimised as a result of reduced electricity costs, when electrolyte circulation is fitted and used while the batteries offer the flexibility to be used with 50 Hz and Hawker HF chargers.

Other Hawker batteries include the Hawker Perfect Plus suited for all industrial truck operations, from low to heavy duty. Offering increased capacities while maintaining the same dimensions as others in the range, the batteries have a higher running time and battery availability, as well as increased cycle life of up to 1500cycles.

The Hawker Evolution batteries provide reliable power for low to normal duty applications. Maintenance free, they require no water topping up over the complete battery life, while the gelled electrolyte means no risk of spillage. The low gas emission permits decentralized charging of the lift truck or makes the use of a simplified charging room possible, resulting in cost savings.

Designed with proven EnerSys square tube technology, the Iron Clad range meet the demands of even the toughest, heavy-duty applications. The battery delivers higher sustained operating voltages and longer run times, which, together with rugged reliability, provide increased productivity and a longer life. Achieving up to 15% more power than conventional batteries, the battery’s design life of 1,800 cycles equates to an extra year of life in many applications. Reduced maintenance and operating costs are another benefit.

The eco-friendly NexSys™ batteries offer optimised cycle performance and rapid recharging compared to traditional flooded and gel battery alternatives. They ensure long and high performance plus energy cost savings, with energy throughputs up to as much as 160% of rated capacity per day. The batteries require no water topping up, while the minimum gassing requirements make them ideal for use in public and sensitive manufacturing areas.

“True to our promise to provide our clients with a total solution, we are pleased to be able to provide a comprehensive range of tough and reliable batteries to support any industrial machines,” says Shumani Tshifularo, Managing Director, Industrial Power. “As global leaders in motive power energy, EnerSys batteries delivers a battery solution for every forklift.”

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