Industrial Battery Solutions for Every Electric Forklift in Your Warehouse

It seems as if electric vehicles will completely displace diesel- and petrol-powered vehicles in the future. Although this development is still relatively new in the motoring world, electric forklifts have been used for many years already. These machines are ideal for indoor environments, as they don’t produce any harmful emissions while in operation. However, they are powered by batteries as opposed to diesel or petrol. Therefore, you need battery solutions to keep them going.

An internal-combustion vehicle only needs a small rechargeable battery to power its electric accessories. This includes the starter, air-conditioning unit, ignition, fuel injection, and so forth. In such a vehicle, the battery is recharged by the car’s engine while driving; the engine also powers the wheels. However, the battery is tiny compared to an electric-powered vehicle that is wholly powered electricity. Industrial solutions lean towards wet cells, which is already the case with most vehicles. And every forklift that is powered by a wet-cell pack will need a recharge or a pack change to keep going.

Wet Cells vs. Dry Cells

A dry-cell battery has no fluid in its cell chambers, also commonly referred to as electrolyte. This fluid generates the electricity in conjunction with the cell charge to provide power for every electric forklift in your fleet. Dry cells are usually not rechargeable but last longer before they are depleted. Therefore, using wet cells are better for constant recharging. Our solutions include a plethora of different cell packs to suit different applications. Ranging from light-duty counterbalanced lift trucks to heavy-duty lifting equipment, we have a power solution for every electric warehouse material handler.

The electrolyte in a wet-cell battery is a combination of different fluids, which all have an influence the way that the cell charges and produces power. These cells also use water as part of the electrolyte. However, they have to be topped up frequently. So, although a wet cell requires frequent maintenance, it compensates by being able to be recharged many times. Our solutions include a wide range of Hawker products that feature different approaches to deliver options for every forklift, pallet truck, and reach stacker.

Hawker-Water-Less batteries

Hawker-Water-Less batteries

Hawker offers the WaterLess range that reduces the amount of maintenance for every battery. The WaterLess wet cells require less frequent refills, reducing your maintenance tasks and improving your business’s efficiency. They also offer a range that features gel cells, which function in the same manner as wet cells. The electrolyte is a gel-based composition that powers the cells as opposed to a fluid. These are only a few examples of the battery solutions that we can deliver for your every electric forklift at your storage facility.

Toyota Forklift is your supplier of industrial battery solutions for every piece of lifting equipment in your fleet. For more on our selection of Hawker products, please browse our website for details and PDF brochures. Choose us as your supplier today and enjoy a wide range of quality warehouse material handlers for your business. We also offer fleet-management and rental solutions to ensure that your storage facility operates at optimal levels.