Rough-Terrain Forklifts

Forklifts for Rough-Terrain Applications Forklifts are most commonly used at storage facilities to optimise the available floor space. These machines are designed with narrow, tall bodies to allow for good manoeuvrability within confined spaces. However, they are mostly used indoors, which [...]

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Forklift for Sale

Trustworthy Forklifts for Sale South Africa’s industrial sector is healthy, thriving, and ever-expanding. Warehouses will always play a major role in the industrial sector, offering viable storage areas to serve as central points of material storage and transportation for companies in [...]

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Waste Management Equipment

Effective Waste Management Recycling and waste management have become a pressing issue, with current generations very aware of keeping everything as clean and recyclable as possible. To ensure that proper waste management is done in your area or work environment, you [...]

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Lifting Equipment for Sale

Trustworthy Lifting Equipment Lifting equipment is available for various applications in a wide range of areas in the industrial sector. When it comes to warehousing, everyone would agree that forklifts are necessary lifting equipment to get through a workday, offering versatile [...]

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Reach Stackers

Our Range of Reach Stackers The warehousing industry will always demand proper lifting equipment, including reach stackers, to allow for higher storage stacks without compromising floorspace in the process. Reach stackers offer the unique ability to comfortably lift and reach higher [...]

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Material Handling Equipment Specialists

Quality Industrial Material Handling Solutions When it comes to material handling equipment, EIE Group specialises in providing top-quality machinery that can provide more effective material handling solutions in warehouses and factories. As specialists in the field of material handling equipment, EIE [...]

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Konecranes Supplier

Container Handling Solutions EIE Group is a specialist in material handling equipment, providing the industrial sector in South Africa with viable solutions to everyday fleets for warehouses, factories, and even docks. With a wide selection of lifting equipment that includes specialised [...]

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Konecranes Reach Stackers

Reaching and Stacking The industrial sector in South Africa is very demanding in terms of lifting equipment to ensure that heavy loads can easily be picked up and transported. This is where EIE Group can offer viable solutions to companies within [...]

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