Exclusive Dealers in Fassi Truck-Mounted Cranes for Southern Africa

There is, of course, no denying the impressive performance of the towering cranes one may see engaged in loading and unloading cargo at harbours and in dockyards across the world, or carefully positioning heavy steel girders and concrete slabs in the upper floors of high-rise office blocks. However, every bit as impressive are the compact, but surprisingly powerful, lifting devices now commonly employed for equally important tasks, that can be conveniently mounted on a truck. In the latter category, one name has succeeded in earning a position of prominence all over the world, while also becoming the brand of choice for many users within the countries that make up the Southern tip of Africa.

The marque referred to is, of course, Fassi, and the lifting devices are the tough truck-mounted cranes available exclusively from one of the country’s leading dealers in specialised equipment for lifting, loading, materials handling and working at height – the EIE Group. With a choice of heavy-, medium- and light-duty models, these knuckle boom machines are designed to handle loads ranging from between one and 12 metric tonnes for the light-duty models and increasing to more than 40 t in the case of the heavy loaders.

Known for its innovative and versatile designs, the leading Italian manufacturer also offers users special versions of its products. These include Fassi models with modified bases and suitable for mounting aboard marine vessels rather than on trucks, as well as similarly modified models that can be fitted to a railway flatbed unit. In the case of these latter models, there are likely to be some special requirements, such as proximity sensors to prevent the use of these specialised cranes in areas where this could endanger other trains in transit. Naturally, as the local accredited dealers for their range of lifting and loading equipment, our sales consultants have all of the in-depth knowledge and experience necessary to advise prospective users regarding the most suitable choice for their particular application.

In addition to offering users a wide range of lifting capacities, these devices lend themselves to an equally wide range of applications and are particularly suited to the handling of single, bulky items. You are likely to find them in scrapyards, where they are used to deliver defunct vehicles into the jaws of a crusher and, subsequently, to retrieve their compacted remains. On the nation’s streets, you are liable to spot one of them delivering lengths of pipe to a group of labourers engaged in repairing damaged pipelines or installing new ones. And what could be more convenient than a truck equipped with one of these cranes that allows a builder’s merchant to load up with bricks at the yard and offload them on site, unaided? As a dealer in these internationally-acclaimed products with many years of experience, we more than qualified to recommend the right Fassi cranes for use in tasks such as these, as well as in many other specialised uses.

In keeping with its reputation as an innovator, the Rome-based manufacturer has been quick to leverage emerging technologies. For example, it has developed an app that has positioned it as the first company in the hoisting sector to provide users with intelligent control of its boom cranes by means of a smartphone. Among the many other features offered by this unique digital interaction is the means to carry out remote diagnostics, as well as to detect incidents of improper handling. Depending upon where you happen to be, a handy geolocation function can optionally alert the nearest service facility for Fassi cranes.

Local dealers, we undertake to hold adequate stocks of all essential spares and also employ specially trained engineers to ensure that your lifting and loading operations continue to run safely and smoothly.