Forklift Hire Solutions in Johannesburg

Johannesburg has some of the largest industrial areas in South Africa. Here, you are likely to encounter a myriad of storage facilities, factories, and manufacturing plants. Most of these establishments require a fleet of industrial machinery for their daily operations. Forklifts are used in any industrial fleet, delivering a fast and effective way to handle materials. However, industrial machinery can be expensive to acquire if you are buying outright. Therefore, forklift-hire provides a convenient and more affordable solution for industrial businesses.

EIE Group offers flexible forklift hire that adapts to your business needs and the demands of specific periods of your business calendar. We also offer an extensive selection of machinery to choose from. Toyota is one of our featured brands, with an impressive selection of forklifts for hire in Johannesburg. With EIE Group on your side, you will have the necessary machinery to handle incoming and outgoing goods pallets with ease. Today, we will turn our attention to what Toyota’s forklifts can offer your business.

Adaptable Forklift Hire Options

EIE Group understands that industrial businesses do not require the use of their entire fleet every single day. Therefore, our forklift-hire options include an option to reduce or increase the number of machines in your forklift fleet, depending on the workload during specific periods. As a result, you will have the exact amount of lift trucks to take care of business, whether you are working around the clock or in a quieter time of the year. Toyota delivers a choice of diesel-powered lift trucks that are suited for outdoor use, or electrically powered models for indoor applications.

The 8FG Series from Toyota is a robust alternative to conventional lift trucks. This series has a chassis setup that excels with its rough-terrain ability. You also have a choice of cabin configurations to choose from, allowing the 8FG to offer the appropriate protection against the elements. The 8FG series is ideal for businesses that need a compact lift truck for outdoor applications. Configured with the necessary features to tackle different outdoor environments, the 8FG is versatile and effective in industries such as construction. In this range, we offer seven forklift models for hire.

Electricity is used to power an increasing amount of passenger cars around the world. Although not yet practical for widespread use in this country, the industry has been harnessing the power of electricity for a long time. The problem with a diesel-powered forklift being used indoors is its harmful exhaust emissions. Therefore, electrically powered alternatives have been available for a long time to eliminate these emissions. Toyota’s selection of forklifts includes three ranges of electric models available for hire in Johannesburg. These include stand-in, 3-wheeled, and 4-wheeled ranges, each with their own advantages and features.

We are your supplier of industrial machinery in Johannesburg. Whether you want to buy industrial machines outright or hire a fleet of forklifts for your business, we can be of assistance. Feel free to peruse our website for more information on our wide selection of machinery. Choose EIE Group today and let us help you get the best out of your industrial fleet of machinery.