The Increasingly Important Role of Forklift Suppliers in South Africa

Vast numbers of pallet trucks, as they are commonly known, are in use daily throughout the world and have become the ubiquitous workhorse and the mainstay of any organisation engaged in materials handling or warehousing. Incredibly strong, yet still surprisingly compact when compared with most other heavy lifting and transport equipment, these machines now play a vital role in numerous indoor and outdoor commercial activities. In this capacity, they are providing invaluable help in achieving the increased productivity essential to boost our nation’s economy. As a result, many of our local industries are now highly dependent upon the services of specialist forklift suppliers in South Africa, as are those in the other nearby states that, together, make up the sub-continent.

A brief tour of the warehouse of a hypermarket or of any reasonably large wholesaler would, more than likely, reveal a small army of these compact vehicles speeding their way from one point to the next in near-total silence and performing impossible U-turns in aisles that seem far too narrow to allow one to swing a proverbial cat. Equally fascinating is the way in which they maintain their rock-steady stability whilst lifting a huge load to deposit at a level several times higher than the vehicles themselves. A powerful, battery-driven electric motor is responsible for providing its propulsion, while a telescopic structure known as the mast, and fitted with the dual forks that gave the vehicle its name, is positioned forward of the driver and employs a system of hydraulics to pull off its amazing feats of strength.

Among the many other reasons we have to thank the top forklift suppliers in South Africa is the contribution that their products are now making to the nation’s import and export activities. The days of the conventional and outdated cargo vessels with their limited capacity holds are all but over as they continue to be replaced by a growing fleet of supersized container ships that are now sailing the maritime trade routes of today. Larger and more powerful, diesel-driven versions of these iconic machines are now a constant feature of the country’s ports. With their help, an operator can manhandle the huge containerised loads with ease, moving them, stacking them, and retrieving them with no more apparent effort than a child arranging toy bricks.

On construction sites and in the storage yards of builder’s merchants, these sturdy machines are equally valued. Bearing the marques of leading manufacturers such as Toyota, Caterpillar, and JCB, they provide an efficient and cost-effective option for the safe handling of palletised loads, such as face bricks and breeze blocks, saving valuable time and minimising the risk of damage. While tasks such as these could also be undertaken with truck-mounted cranes, these more compact, self-contained, mobile lifters have one important advantage over the crane. They are far more manoeuvrable and, therefore, ideal for use in confined spaces, where their greater agility enables them to deposit their loads far closer to the points where the contents will be needed.

Given the strategic importance of these machines, the responsibilities of the forklift suppliers in South Africa extend well beyond selling or leasing their products. In particular, it is vital that operators are trained in the safe and responsible use of these vehicles. Consequently, the ability to provide expert instruction is an important consideration when choosing with whom to place your order as is the assurance of an adequate supply of spare parts and accessories along with a team of skilled and experienced engineers to provide any necessary maintenance and repairs.

In practice, the EIE Group is recognised not only for our ability to tick these three vital boxes, but also for our status as an exclusive distributor of some the materials handling industry’s most respected brands.