Three Good Reasons to Choose Forklifts for Hire Instead of Outright Purchase

A lot of construction projects all over the world rely on their ability to shift loads and products from location to location. For larger loads, cranes are used, and for smaller loads, forklifts. In warehouses, forklifts and cherry pickers are crucial to effective operation. Forklifts, however, cost a lot of money to purchase outright. Therefore, many companies choose forklifts for hire instead of purchase. Cash flow can be a problem for some companies and, as a result, the best option is to choose to hire your forklifts.

Other reasons people choose forklifts for hire include the following:

Trained operators: If you purchase your own forklifts, you are also responsible for their operators. This means that you must invest in training. After that, you must invest in refresher training to ensure that the licenses remain valid. If you choose forklifts for hire, you will usually have the option to get a trained operator with the forklift; in fact, most forklift rental companies will insist on using their own trained and qualified operators. This gives you the luxury of having access to a qualified operator at all times and, even if the operator you are currently using falls ill, you will have access to another trained operator who is qualified to operate the forklift you are renting.

Less downtime: Because forklifts for hire are serviced and maintained, they are in good condition and are less likely to break down or require repairs. Even if they break down, another forklift can be provided in a short time, and this means that there is less downtime associated with forklifts for hire than with the purchase of a forklift. If you have your own forklift that must be fixed, you will have to wait until the repairs are done, and this can set back your production.

Better technology: Forklift rental companies invest in the latest technology on the market. Not only does this help to make your team more productive, but it gets jobs done faster and more effectively. Every time you rent a forklift, you can choose a forklift that is more advanced than the previous one, and these specialised machines helps you do deal with your projects in a more effective manner. Even if you purchase the most modern forklift out there today, it will be outdated within 18 months, and your business may not be able to keep up with the competition using more advanced technology.

If you are keen to find out more about forklifts for hire, give our team at EIE Group a call today and we will tell you all about our wide range of modern and innovate machinery we have for rent.