EIE Group’s Range of Forklifts for Sale

Warehouse lifting equipment is necessary to successfully run a warehouse or storage facility for an industrial or commercial business. Warehouse facilities store products that need to be shipped or transported according to the business’s requirements. Therefore, warehouse fleets must be optimised to locate and retrieve these products from the warehouse. They also need to receive and store these products in their allocated places to maximise daily warehouse efficiency. As a result, any large business with warehouse facilities will be interested in the selection of forklifts EIE Group has for sale.

EIE Group takes a comprehensive approach to warehouse lifting equipment. Not only do we offer a large selection with different brands, but we also offer the industrial power solutions to keep your machines going. Electric forklifts have been on the market for decades. These useful machines are ideal for indoor warehouse applications. They provide a cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution to running an indoor warehouse fleet. With high-capacity batteries installed in such a work fleet, your business is bound to get and upgrade in efficiency and performance.


Combining the Ideal Forklift with the Ideal Battery

With such a large variety of forklifts for sale today, it can be overwhelming to decide on an ideal model for your fleet. Deciding factors will always include the work environment at your warehouse. For outdoor applications, diesel-powered forklifts will deliver a more sustainable solution, while electric models are suited to indoor use. EIE Group offers a selection of electrically powered forklifts for sale from Toyota. Our selection includes stand-in, 3-wheeled, and 4-wheeled models to choose from.

The stand-in series is easy to hop into and quickly manoeuvre around the warehouse. It offers basic lifting capability and ease of use for operators. The 3-wheeled model features a cabin for the operator to sit in. With centred rear wheels, this range of forklift delivers a more stable lift. As a result, it has an increased lifting capacity and better overall stability during lifting. For a more rugged approach, the 4-wheeled series is an ideal option. With a cabin optimised for all-round visibility, this forklift is functional and effective within the warehouse. The range of forklifts we offer for sale includes other brands as well.

When it comes to industrial power solutions for forklifts running on electric power, it is pivotal to find a battery that optimises the machine’s functionality. EIE Group offers a selection of viable choices in this category, being highlighted by the EnerSys IronClad. This battery is optimised for forklift applications, as it provides higher sustainable voltages. With this function, the electric motor can easily utilise the power output of the battery to achieve optimised amp output for demanding situations. The battery also offers durability by delivering 1800 cycles. Therefore, it lasts longer and optimises the performance of your forklift machinery.

EIE Group is where you will find high-quality forklifts for sale, along with related products such as industrial batteries to optimise your machinery. Contact us directly on how you can improve your warehouse fleet today by taking full advantage of our available solutions. Let us lift your business to new heights with the range of forklifts we have for sale.