Maintaining Your Forklifts for Optimal Performance

Forklifts are the backbone of your warehouse machinery. These counterbalanced trucks are used to pick up, transport, store, and stack materials and pallets within a storage facility. They are available in a wide range of designs for different applications as well. However, they are mechanical machines and, as a result, they require the appropriate repairs and services to keep them going. It can be a difficult task to find a supplier that can satisfactorily assist in these matters. Luckily, we have all the solutions that you need.

Maintenance on industrial vehicles is somewhat different from that of cars and bakkies. If our cars need services, dealerships would be happy to oblige. Dealerships carry the necessary parts and have the staff to get the job done. If one of your forklifts needs repairs, the picture changes slightly. Parts for these machines are not as commonly available; therefore, it can become a hassle to maintain them. With us on your side, that hassle disappears. Here is what we can offer your business.

Toyota Forklifts: The Difference

Forklift Parts and RepairsFirst, we offer an all-inclusive selection of forklifts for you to find the ideal match for your storage facility. We have internal-combustion lift trucks available in various cabin configurations for different weather conditions. They are also built to drive over rough and uneven terrain, so they are suitable for outdoor use. We also have a sensible selection of electric trucks that require industrial batteries, which we also supply. As a result, we can supply your storage facility with a complete fleet. We also offer repairs and scheduled services for these machines.

We believe that our comprehensive solutions for the forklifts your business uses will give you the means to take your operations to the next level. But it is expensive to buy these machines and when you buy, you are also responsible for the cost of repairs and services. These costs accumulate over time and can become a major expense for and strain on your business. Therefore, we offer fleet rentals that take the worries of such costs off your shoulders. Since we still own the rented trucks, we are responsible for maintaining them as well.

Safety and efficiency are key elements to running a fleet of forklifts. When working with industrial machinery, accidents may happen and, when they do, you want to ensure that nobody gets hurt. You also want to minimise the damage caused by such an accident. We offer a fleet-management system that collects valuable data from every truck in your fleet. This data includes collision detection to immediately inform you when there has been an accident. It also informs you if a part is damaged, and when the machines are due for services or repairs. Now, you have the tools to take your warehousing operations to the next level.

Toyota Forklift is your supplier of industrial warehouse material-handling equipment. We also offer industrial batteries to power these machines. For more information on how we can be of service to your business, please browse our website for details on our fleet rentals, repairs, and services.